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  1. How the hell did I forget Digimon, AA and Recess? So added now!
  2. Dazza

    Done, swimming pool at the school, I don't think I can post links here, lol.

  3. Hey man, long time no talk, eh? How you been?

  4. Dazza

    Hey V, what's up? MSN not working again? Anyhoo, wanna RP on HSRP? I'm bored out of my mind.

  5. Awesome, I'm about 7 hours from Christmas. Sleep tight sky, don't let the bed bugs bite.

    (Unless your into that sort of things)

  6. *looks at warning level* Well, even good people make mistakes Anyhoo, welcome PTBA, hope you read the rules, unlike me.
  7. Yeah, not in the mood to make a better pay out.

    Anyway, I'm physiced for Chrissie tomorrow. Should be good, wau?

  8. New people, welcome, I have a secret to tell all of you guys, I never read the rules! !
  9. Well we know for a fact that if it does push on the AO, Sony and Microsoft won't bring it out. But thanks for your kind words guys.
  10. Yeah believe me, plus Mum's not letting me go to this camp cause it comes back on the 28th and my birthday is the 29th.

    Oh, btw, go onto R*W.

  11. Oh the good times, I hate the shit cartoons now. Pokemon First Yu-Gi-Oh series Dragon Ball Z Cow and Chicken Ed, Edd, 'N Eddy Tom & Jerry The Flintstones Scooby Doo Rugrats CatDog Angry Beavers Top Cat Recess Angela Anaconda Dexter's Lab Digimon
  12. Easy M-15 here most likly, so I'd be able to see it, I mean come on, from that I want to see it. 'Al Qider and Korea working together, who thought?' ^ lolz
  13. *Singing voice* I'M BREAKING FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. A New Tampon! (In stores now, with more lights)
  15. It would be pretty cool if they did do that, I mean like imagine you rob a bank, then go outside, go back inside and deposit it, that would be the funniest thing ever. But I spose it does add the problem of you dieing with like a million dollars and losing it.
  16. Loved the Space Monkey ad from LCS, I still ROFL from it. SPACE MONKEY!!!!!! Anyhoo, they are putting in stuff from all the past GTA's, Me-Tv (I think it's called) from VCS, the cars, Fast Food places. Just to make it seem like GTA, and plus they are pretty laid back in Rockstar.
  17. Loved the first one, White Castle, they are back!
  18. Agreed^^^ It pisses me off when I'm looking for something on YouTube and they made a 'cover'.
  19. Welcome Rapist. I hope you do get to taste that pussy, but not raping someone. That wouldn't end well for the Jack.
  20. I'm a funky monkey from chunky town.
  21. DUDE, what the hell! I mean you didn't make that box art. And there's a new gang that wasn't in the San Andreas game! lolz Dude nice, love it, I would buy it.
  22. Now that is a different story, if Take Two brought out a console it would work, every single game they make can go onto it, I mean they have everything. I know for a fact that The Family Guy Game was made by Take Two, GTA was, or at least a little and same with most American Sport games they aren't made by EA.
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