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  1. Screenshot #88 I'm pretty sure the military vehicle is the Patriot and the cargo plane could be the Andromada.
  2. one word I believe they will make a few more trailers in which you can see all of your queries. They just want to hide the real gameplay footages in order to keep you tuned.
  3. Yup thats a tornado you can check it by the shape of its front bumper.
  4. The police pursuit is what i am really looking into. I bet it will be hard to evade them!
  5. Use a cheaper Nvidia 9 series graphics card or a Nvidia GeForce 550Ti if you can afford a little more money.
  6. Don't know how much will the "multiple protagonist" idea would suit me but the screenshots are Hellamazing.
  7. I am hoping to see a fully action packed trailer with all other cool and awesome stuffs.
  8. Agreed with Huckie there. I bet the guy with the dog and the baseball bat is the same guy who was in that red convertible in the first trailer.
  9. Well, i dont give a damn about the consoles as i will be getting it for the PC even if i have to wait for a month or two after its release on consoles.
  10. A june release is most likely but we have to wait for rockstar before we get to any further conclusion.
  11. They are taking 4+ years in the making of this game, it has to be huge and perfect. What makes you think otherwise?
  12. Not that much into FPS/Strategy warfare games but go for Battlefield: Bad company 2 or Halo 3?
  13. I am sure TGTAP would be pretty much active in some parallel universe.
  14. Can you give me a brief explanation about how you did the modding part?
  15. Was there a cleo folder in the game's drive?
  16. For sure, i loved that game a lot when it was released nearly a decade ago. I am sure it will bring back and refresh a lot of old memories.
  17. Yeah, it could be some random ped but then again wasn't the same dark skinned guy riding the speedophile 2000 and the red convertible in the trailer?
  18. Your list of errors are - 1. Removing the original .dff and .txd and replacing it with the modified files without making the backup of the originals. 2. Did you add the .txd files in every files? if possible please attach your in-game screenshot of the problem.
  19. Is this screenshot taken while you were playing multiplayer?
  20. I don't think any sort of advertisement or changing the name would attract a huge mass of people to join the community.
  21. Handheld - Well, not the worst in the series but not the best either. I loved GTA CTW a lot more than VCS for better graphics and gameplay. PS 2 - Its the worst, no doubt! It comes no where in comparison to the giants like GTA III, VC & SA.
  22. Nah, i have way much to learn about a forum and how it operates. Anyhow, you are speaking of to increase the level of activity, i remember people were much active when there were the gangs and all those heebie jeebie stuffs. We have to have some new and innovative ideas that people won't find anywhere else and will encourage them to input in the forums rather than making an account >> asking game related advice >> "oh! i get it. Thanks. Goodbye!"
  23. Moderators are appointed on the decision of the admins and existing moderating teams. Whom they can trust or must be having proper knowledge of how to handle things on a forum. You just can't let some random guy to handle things. Could you? :confuse:
  24. Sure, but how many here are willing to be a part of the new moderating team(if it will exist)
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