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  1. Most people here make their accounts for their problems related to their respective GTA games. After that they are a no show. If you say you would bring it back all by yourself it will be like searching a needle in a haystack. The only members you will find online are Chris, Gerard, Llama, RED_91, Huckie, Sherman, Rem(if lucky)
  2. But hey, look at the bright side. Being inactive ensures less spam on the page, Members are always cool and don't go berserk(my way of saying that you all are awesome), the moderators are.... well...lets just pause on this one & the 25 year old, super genius, super awesome, amazing guy that runs the page has nothing to worry about.
  3. Alright, i liked your post since you are trying to advice people to stay away from the fake and fan-made sites. Thanks!
  4. Yeah, the forums are inactive these days but i dont blame members since everyone has a busy life, family to look after, education. Its almost impossible for anyone to come here online everytime. But don't worry, the forums will be active like the old times after the release of GTA V.
  5. Old news! Btw these type of sites were active since the very first trailer that was sooooooo.....ten months ago. Anyways, since Rockstar already have said and i quote "If you didn't hear it from here( http://www.rockstargames.com/newswire ) it is obviously fake."
  6. Are you trying to make it into a new and basic corsa or a street racing type?
  7. Yes, it will run on laptops like an i3 with a GTX 550Ti video card
  8. Well, blame "SONY" for that. However, you can get cool and awesome modifications on the PC version.
  9. Here you go http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20110802211757AAGkzP8 personally, i dont think its a good idea to mod your GTA on PS3 and no other forums will be willing to help you on that.
  10. Maybe... Maybe not. The protagonist has to be the guy in the F-18 who resumes to be more like him.
  11. This question is really bugging me. How can i delete a post i just made?
  12. Yeah, they just basically modified a few old ones but the blue car driven by the expected protagonist? Thats a new one. (could be a stinger or a feltzer)
  13. Trust me, the game is gonna be 10x better than IV.
  14. Well, that can be the new and improved version of infernus after IV. What about the "Infernus Turbo S"? Haha
  15. What? GTA III released 2001 - In game plot begins in 2001. GTA IV released 2008 - In game plot begins in 2008.
  16. What? GTA III released 2001 - In game plot begins in 2001. GTA IV released 2008 - In game plot begins in 2008.
  17. The world's first man ever to set foot upon the surface of the moon died today at the age of 82. He is and always will be remembered for ages.
  18. It may take place in 2013 as it will follow the timeline of its release date.
  19. Yes, the "packer" from GTA SA could hold upto 3 cars at a descent speed.
  20. Have you tried taking it into a paint N spray shop? Have you tried taking it into a paint N spray shop?
  21. Look at that Murcielago. I think the first and the third screens are related to each other, maybe a mission.
  22. Did you all forgot about the dog in the trailer? Imagine Cops having special K-9 units that can only be available when the character gets caught during the burglar missions.
  23. They need to release a new trailer soon.
  24. Just wish that they don't make the pilots too intelligent especially during the high level chases. Imagine how hard it would be to escape the pilot who operates the heavy guns of a police chopper or the military jet with 90% - 95% accuracy!
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