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  1. well, thats the rockstar's way of "You can go jump off a bridge blaming us but we know when we release it, its gonna be epic"
  2. i hope they will show us another trailer soon or just some more screen shots.
  3. Dont worry, here you go http://gta.wikia.com/handling.cfg hope it helps
  4. Notice in the first picture there is a crane in the downtown area. Could it be the same crane that was there near the hospital area of Los Santos 20 years ago? You can see the precint square and the LAPD Head quarters.
  5. Pinch me if i am dreaming but is that the Glen park?
  6. Update - I am the first to discover this secret so i have named it "The devil's chairs at Crannberry Station" LOCATION -- Inside the Crannberry station, Doherty, San Fierro. (right infront of your garage) TRICKS TO BE DONE - Go inside the station and you should see the concrete chairs with some taxi service ads on it. Then, try jumping/climbing on any of them and see what happens. Enjoy NOTE - Try climbing on the left or the right side of the chairs and not in the middle.
  7. It was hard for me but the main reason for this was because the fixed aiming of weapons was way too difficult for hitting the targets.
  8. Are you using version 2.0 of the game? If you are i would suggest to downgrade your current version.
  9. apart from NFS GTA and midnight club are my favorites.
  10. Hey dude, use this http://thegtaplace.com/downloads/f647-san-andreas-camera-hack-v12 Hey dude, use this http://thegtaplace.com/downloads/f647-san-andreas-camera-hack-v12
  11. You have the original copy of the game? If you do then you can delete the GTA SA user folder and uninstall the entire game, then try to reinstall it and extract the downloaded files in the game's user folder. Oh, and make sure you have the v1.0 as most of the people that upload their saved files are from v1.0. Good luck!
  12. Yeah, the most legit site for news and updates is Rockstar games official site ( http//rockstargames.com ) . Although many analysts and fans these days are creating their own mindless blogs and websites relating to GTA V almost like each day and i'm surprised that people even believe all this shit. Source : for examples of such blogs and websites Google in "GTA V" in the News section.
  13. Exactly! GTA are based on much more well known and bigger american cities. Its almost like R* follows this principle One big city + lot of gangs + bigger communities + tough authorities + high crime rate + Vast opportunities = one great GTA
  14. Its already been confirmed that its gonna be Los Angeles, California. Watch the GTA V trailer.
  15. I have seen the GTA V trailer being remade with GTA IV clips by beanmike206.
  16. @kokane Fast five and gran torino are freakin awesome. I will give rest of all your movies a try. Watched "The Avengers" this is definitely going into my this year's collection.
  17. Haha, i never seen such a tard. What a tard!
  18. Possible cause for gta sa mouse issues. 1. Mods - Too much modding the game is common to make this issue in most modern day Computers. 2. Turning the Frame limiter ON - you should turn it OFF and check it out. 3. Unknown Bugs may be the problem. you should ask rockstar games technical support @ http://support.rockstargames.com My friend had the same problem but it was for some mods.
  19. @Chris / @Gerard How does the bullet time meter work? ie... Does it fills up automatically like in MP 2 or do you have to kill your enemies like in MP 1? (single player mode)
  20. Try the IMG tool 2.0. It really is reliable than SAMI.
  21. Most bait cars will be sports or luxury cars, i guess! Most bait cars will be sports or luxury cars, i guess!
  22. BF fans try to make it look bad, COD fans make it look overrated so dont just go with the reviews just play a demo of the game and see if you like it or not and dont just step your foot in the quicksand for all this hype. Personally the only war game i am waiting for this year is EA Medal of Honor: Warfighter.
  23. yeah, that game sucks most of the time. O.T - Playing my good old GTA SA.
  24. Well its not impossible but its hard to run a huge multiplayer game on a server that already has too much shit on it. possible if Facebook affiliates with Rockstar social networks.
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