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  1. dobisskill


    So i took Kate bowling, but she decided to vault the fence and jump into the water. She wouldn't get out of the water, she wouldn't even move at all. So after a few minutes i got an on screen prompt saying she had died... so i thought OK then, ill just continue with the missions. Now i've finished the Gambetti missions and... nothing is happening. The next missions i should have to do are the Grace kidnap missions with Gerry and Packie, but i'm not getting a call, message or anything. If i try to call Kate no one answers. So does Kate ever come back? When she actually "died" i just continued because i thought that i would get a call from her a few days later with her getting angry with Niko or asking for a pick up from the hospital or something, but so far theres nothing. So, any advice?
  2. dobisskill

    Songs you would like to see in GTAIV?

    i doubt it would happen, but id like The Streets in GTA IV.
  3. dobisskill


    this feature was shite in SA, i killed them all. Muhahaha!!
  4. dobisskill

    Police respect

    sounds very good, i like the idea of police respect.
  5. who cares if its accurate? i certainly dont. all that matters is that the game is good. which it will be.
  6. dobisskill

    Favorite Radio Station

    vrock then vcpr
  7. dobisskill

    GTA:4 Site Updated!

    i pre-ordered as soon as amazon put it up for pre-order, which was about september i think....
  8. dobisskill

    GTA IV for PS2

    they would get alot of sales if they made a ps2 version because of the amount of people that still have and use a ps2, but its not gonna happen.
  9. dobisskill

    VCS Custom Tracks

    you dont need the official lcs custom tracks app you can just use codemasters version for toca then rename the files from a .toc to .gta and rename the folder on the psp as above in the guide. the codemasters version is better than the official R* version because you can use mp3s from your hard drive and you dont have to have the tracks on a cd or use daemon tools with an iso.
  10. dobisskill


    anyone have any clues as to what the soundtrack of vcs is gonna be like?
  11. dobisskill

    The funs all over

    ops2???? is the november issue out now. cos ive got the october issue and it doesnt say anything like that.
  12. dobisskill

    I hope theres jets in vcs

    why would he be with ricardo diaz, considering that on vice city they only met on the guardian angels mission, so i am very certain that it is not him and that hes not on the game.
  13. dobisskill

    gta 4 screenshot?

    is it the getaway?
  14. dobisskill

    I hope theres jets in vcs

    he aint gonna be innit, he was in jail for 15 years (i think), vcs is only a few years before vice city, and he only just got out on vice city so he is not gonna be on the game. EVER!!!
  15. dobisskill

    What is your Gamerscore?

    the scoring system on xbox live, you get points everytime you do one of the challenges on a game.