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    pc,ps2,psp..ect hang out with freands

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  1. happy birthday man.

  2. i have: -xbox360 -psp -ps2... -ps1 -N64..
  3. I'm playing F.E.A.R, its an awesome game...and freaky as hell!, after I'm playing a bit of saints row, then when i go to bed ill play lcs or vcs!! (psp)....
  4. GOD! how the hell do u people finish gta games in weeks,1 month... this is how long it takes me... gtaIII- about 9 months(missions,hiddin packages,vegilantie,ect...) gta vice city- about 8 months(missions,hiddin packages,vegilantie,ect...) gta sanandreas- about 1.5 years...missions,vegilantie,tags,photo ops., ect...) gta lcs- not finidhed yet gta vcs not finished yet... gta iv- waiting to play!... i dont play gta 24/7 thats why i took sooo long...
  5. how about RAG-DOLL PHYSICS -improved car damage, like in Colin Mcrae DiRt -explosions better than saints rows,also better fire -more things interactive in the environment... -better blood effects -smarter AI
  6. i am very scared of death...,the way i will die scares me the most...,to be honest i do not believe in the after life, thats what scares the shit out of me,i will never wake up again after i die. @[email protected]
  7. 5th october 1991...turning 16...
  8. glitchers in the gta iv trailer... the first 2 pics,a person is walking through the floor, third one is a womens legs through a ramp thingy...
  9. has anyone forgotten the burnout series....
  10. no i dont want kids in gtaIV, just imagine a mother walking with there child.. and then u go and shoot the kid... it just not right...
  11. crazy politicians, its only a game, its not like the game is gonna destroy the world or any thing...
  12. i just came home from school,and watched it,IT WAS AWESOME, I CANT WAIT!!!! ,liberty redesigned,thats awesome,i just hope its bigger though..
  13. OMG,16 hrs left!!!! but the bad thing is,it starts at 9:00am for me...OMFG thats when school starts, im gonna go insane at school tomorrow.
  14. OMG,only 1 day and 11hrs left...
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