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  1. rav0001

    how many gaming gadgets do you have?

    i have: -xbox360 -psp -ps2... -ps1 -N64..
  2. rav0001

    What are you currently playing?

    I'm playing F.E.A.R, its an awesome game...and freaky as hell!, after I'm playing a bit of saints row, then when i go to bed ill play lcs or vcs!! (psp)....
  3. rav0001

    GTA IV to be 100 hours long

    GOD! how the hell do u people finish gta games in weeks,1 month... this is how long it takes me... gtaIII- about 9 months(missions,hiddin packages,vegilantie,ect...) gta vice city- about 8 months(missions,hiddin packages,vegilantie,ect...) gta sanandreas- about 1.5 years...missions,vegilantie,tags,photo ops., ect...) gta lcs- not finidhed yet gta vcs not finished yet... gta iv- waiting to play!... i dont play gta 24/7 thats why i took sooo long...
  4. rav0001

    What are you currently playing?

  5. rav0001

    More Realistic

    how about RAG-DOLL PHYSICS -improved car damage, like in Colin Mcrae DiRt -explosions better than saints rows,also better fire -more things interactive in the environment... -better blood effects -smarter AI
  6. rav0001

    Does the death scare you?

    i am very scared of death...,the way i will die scares me the most...,to be honest i do not believe in the after life, thats what scares the shit out of me,i will never wake up again after i die. @[email protected]
  7. glitchers in the gta iv trailer... the first 2 pics,a person is walking through the floor, third one is a womens legs through a ramp thingy...
  8. rav0001


    5th october 1991...turning 16...
  9. rav0001

    Car Damage

    has anyone forgotten the burnout series....
  10. no i dont want kids in gtaIV, just imagine a mother walking with there child.. and then u go and shoot the kid... it just not right...
  11. rav0001

    NYC Politicians Outraged at GTA 4

    crazy politicians, its only a game, its not like the game is gonna destroy the world or any thing...
  12. rav0001

    GTA IV Trailer

    i just came home from school,and watched it,IT WAS AWESOME, I CANT WAIT!!!! ,liberty redesigned,thats awesome,i just hope its bigger though..
  13. rav0001

    Things Will Be Different

    OMG,16 hrs left!!!! but the bad thing is,it starts at 9:00am for me...OMFG thats when school starts, im gonna go insane at school tomorrow.
  14. rav0001

    Things Will Be Different

    OMG,only 1 day and 11hrs left...
  15. rav0001

    The biggest disapointment

    i think R* put more effort into LCS,i think VCS was rushed there were too many glitchers...like the chain-saw noises,and the radio stations...ect and what i thought was really disappointing was the sky hight limit,ocean distance,and u couldn't even swim under water
  16. rav0001

    GTA IV Trailer Countdown!

    OMFG ,only 13hr 27mins and 43secods until ONE DAY LEFT...AAAAAAAAAAAAAA i cant wait!!!!
  17. rav0001

    Three Word Story

    very fast and
  18. rav0001

    What's The Time?

    here in AUS (melboune) its January 26th 2007 11:27:31PM
  19. rav0001

    What happened to you today

    yesterday,i woke up,went to school,after school went home,go on PC,dinner,PC again....,and even more PC,and even more...then went to bed about 12:00-12:30...
  20. rav0001

    Three Word Story

    and then combusted
  21. rav0001

    Things Will Be Different

    i just hope the graphics are just as good as saints row.. or even better.
  22. rav0001

    Things Will Be Different

    "THINGS WILL BE DIFFERENT".......!!!! OMG, imagine if its not free roaming any more...
  23. rav0001

    GTA IV Trailer Countdown!

    man,i hope the count-down doesnt finish when i'm at school...I wanna watch the last ten seconds of the count-down..
  24. rav0001

    GTA IV Trailer Countdown!

    lol imagine if the trailer is delayed ..lol
  25. rav0001

    Fake Screenshots

    what game is it from? it looks good