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  1. gadheda...gai kale khava gayo hato...pachi pacho kem nahi aayo tuu?? :|

  2. no idea re..random saved pic ....

  3. Meri maal hai..saale nazar mat maar uspe.. :D

  4. abe Yahoo be kyu nai hota re...yaha pe online...mere jaise..yahoo pe kisi ke sath papad bele hai kya..? aa na bore ho raha huu

  5. Yahoo pe aa... Bore ho raha huu :)

  6. (o.O) very big username :|

  7. HEy....

    Sorry for late reply :D

    I was gone for long too.. :P

  8. hm..ok..

    let me know exactly then.. :P

  9. Hai..GTAS is down since few days or what? i cant access it.

  10. Dec. is here already :D

  11. Rock On sun sun ke mar jayega hede...koi acche gane sun... :D

  12. abe tera number dena.... :|

  13. Oi sexy.. mereko.. Elec and Comm me mil gaya...

    Yay Yay yay...

    Mai bhi IIM me 4 saal baad aunga abhi....tere sath :|

  14. Trust me.India has changed far too much :P

    Cold Drinks,Fast Food Joints,Zappy Cars,Fat ladies and lots of things are common :|

  15. Uh.. ok..

    Meri biwi ko bhul gaya tuu..? :|

  16. Dost... Dost.. na raha...

    dost hi to na rahaa... :(

    Bhabhi ma saman hoti hai..aur tuu use bhul gaya... :|

  17. Cool...Delhi is gonna be too cold( for us :P) in December. But still..have fun and as i said...if you have plans in Western Side.. do tell me :D

  18. Hey baby..

    sorry for delaying your siggy..but had few coll. projects...

    making one till tonight....

    Muaah :|

    <3 :P

  19. Abe India me kidhar se hai?

  20. Ok.. :|

    Soon i promise.. :P

  21. OOhh no.

    Not Evo... Hes too cold in bed.. :|

    I would prefer some private place... alone :|

  22. And stupo you reply in my Comment Box not your own..

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