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  1. Why back in March 2008.

    CET ke AIEE nai dena hai kya? :P

  2. Hey!

    Sorry!Dont check my Comments more often :P

  3. yo!

    Arent you on MSN or something.


    Add me then!

  4. Did you get ur VC working.if not? see my reply to your topic it might work.


  5. Hi Tommy.


  6. Ha hA.


    open another account then!!

  7. You use Orkut??

  8. know** i ean

  9. Do you Hindi BTW??

  10. Saale India ka hai to bola kyu nahe.

    Where exactly in India?

  11. Someone leave some comments.


  12. Soory.

    I need your MSN ID.or add as under

  13. Hey!I need you MSN add.PM me

    Or add

    [email protected]

  14. I never said we were enemies.

    I take mine back too. :P

  15. Just dropping by for HI!

  16. GF-Tec 9 knows how to kill a guy with a dildo!!

    OMG! :P

  17. Ahh!

    Nothing.Just missed the war.

    And that too twice.

  18. Hi Noru!


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