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  1. One of those is in VC, the other is in SA......

    Well yeah, the '86 Infernus (Countach) and the '92 Infernus (NSX). Can you blame me for wanting both versions in the same game?

    Heh, shopping carts. How about a shopping cart with spikes on the front. Make it a lethal killing machine that all your homies would be laughing at and all the bums wish they had it.

  2. I would like it if there is a huge forest, with only trees and somewhere on the middle, not displayed by any map, ther should be a large beautiful villa, with complete interior and it should be totally surrounded by gates, and then the only way in is via the main entrance, with a path to the mansion which takes you about 5 minutes walking. You can't see the mansion from the air so try to track it with a plane is useless. And on a mission, you'll have to break into the house and do some stuff like killing the rich owner or so. And because the owner is dead it becomes for sale and then you can buy it. It should have an enormous garage where you can stor up to 15 cars at a time.

    Also, it would be fun if there is a little farm in the middle of nowhere, and if you walk past the signs with "NO Trespassing" some farmer comes after you with a chainsaw or a shotgun. :P

    And the real life vehicles I hope to see in the game are:

    -DMC DeLorean (DeLuxo from VC)

    -Chevrolet Camaro Iroc

    -Volkswagen Corrado

    -much more Ferrari's and Lamborghinis

    -way more trucks, and when you see trucks driving on the road they have a trailer attached, and not like in SA that it's only the front of the truck.

    -more military vehicles (especially more military planes)

    Yeah, but if they have a lot of supercars in the game, it would get boring after a while. There's a problem when all you can find are Gallardos and no sighting of a Blista Compact.

    On another note, Linerunners, Tankers, ect. with trailers attached and Bobcats, Ranchers, etc. with random little trailers. Maybe a horse trailer filled with ice where you can store bodies?

  3. The reason he had no personality was because R* wanted Ray Liotta to voice Claude. Of course, he didn't want to do it and Cluade was left personality-less. Next time for Vice City, when they approached Ray Liotta, he wanted to voice Tommy Vercetti because GTA became insanely popular.

    Claude needs to die of a heart attack. Not exciting and no one would care.

  4. I started about a month ago.. kinda sucks. But, whatever. I'm in 10th grade (American) ...

    College out there is the same as here, right? I'm in a French class and College is like middle school in America. Not sure what the other equivalents are.

    Tenth grade? Dammit, I'm in ninth grade.

  5. Honda NSX

    Lamborhini Countach

    Bently Continental GT

    Ford Shelby Cobra Concept

    Dodge Caravan (WTF?)

    Ford Pinto

    Porsche Carrea Turbo

    McLaren F1 GTR LM

    Saleen S7

    Dodge Ram

    Chevy Avalanche

    Enzo Ferrari

    That's it for now.

  6. I don't pull off that many pranks, so this one really isn't impressive. When I was in third grade, this one kid wanted to be my friend so much. He wanted my number. (EW!!!) I didn't know my number and I hated the SOB, so I wrote down some random number I knew for sure wasn't mine. He ended up calling an emergency room! Kids are such dumbasses!!!

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