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  1. And in the States, people are split on either the Xbox 360 or the PS3. Interesting fact, the people I've seen so far on other forums want the PS3 and will praise it to death, but they don't have and never will have the cash for it. Then again, that's other forums.

  2. Who do you hate in GTA and do you think if they appear in GTA4, they should be killed on sight? :evil:

    Claude - If I see him one more time, I'm gonna run him over, drag his body into the trunk of my Manana, drive that Manana into a river, and blow the shit out of that river!

    Donald Love - I hate cannibals unless they EAT people. FREQUENTLY.

    Big Smoke - I know the fat fool's dead, but they should revive him just so he could be blown up by a RPG7.

    That's it for now, I'm just getting pumped!!! :bashhead::jumpon::pissedred:

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