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  1. Maybe Vic DID die in that shootout, maybe he didn't. This is one of the things we're probably never supposed to know. Kind of like if Claude really killed Maria during the ending because she was nagging. Or if Ryder really died when you blew up his Speeder.

  2. This one actually happened a few hours ago on my bus on its way to the elementary school in the afternoon. (my bus goes to my house, the elementary school, the high school, then back to the elementary school and finally, my house. I swear to god, an friggin' PLANE FLEW like, ten feet, over my bus. I didn't know until the plane landed in a patch of field to our right.

  3. I liked Burnout 3, but I liked Revenge MUCH better. But even with Burnout's drifting, I liked Forza Motorsport a bit more than Burnout and a hell of a lot more than Gran Turismo. (bad experience with GT2 when I was young)

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