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  1. Skimmer and Dodo is exactly what I was thinking. The rest are just helicopters.
  2. It is possible for SAS to happen and if it's proven wrong, then it might even be released for PS2 or something as an alternative.
  3. I know it was mentioned a lot but no more girlfriends in GTA!
  4. Hi, everyone. This place has got a great site and I've really gone looking around it. I've been at other forums so I'm not really a noob more than so. Anyway, hello. I like how there's a forum store here.
  5. What's your criminal rating in LCS so far? Post the rank and the rating. Cleaner (23170) Right now, I'm trying to get it up. What's yours?
  6. Some comments were out of the way anyway.
  7. Vigilante really equals money. It really adds up with the criminal rating and the kills.
  8. I love to watch gang fights. I watch the Vercettis kick the Haitians ass. The Cubans along with that. During the Cuban/Haitian missions, they used to have a little riot. I love watching those. I even join in sometimes.
  9. For me... Cap The Collector Keep Your Friends Close... Rub Out Riot I'll think of more.
  10. Fists- Brass Knuckles Melee- Nightstick Pistol- Colt Python SMG- Uzi 9MM/MP5 (Can't choose) Assault Rifle- Kruger Heavy Weapon- M60
  11. I think this is the same guy that posted this crap at GTAForums.
  12. Catalina. She bitched too much in SA and critisized everything CJ did. I know she's already dead, but still.
  13. Portland, because it's the gang central of the city.
  14. I doubt jets. Vice City is moderate in size but jets like the Hydra would be too much.
  15. Well, that sucks. Most people really wanted an infranstructure mode.
  16. It is possible to made a San Andreas Stories. The trilogy wouldn't really be complete without it.
  17. I'm not really convinced that that's Tommy Vercetti since he was in jail at Liberty City at the time. It would be good to see him but I don't think he's going to reappear.
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