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  1. Don' t tell me to give it up. You're just deluded if you think you can 'own' this site. Being 'big' and brash will get you fuck all nowhere mate.

    And, no, you ain't fucking king neither.

  2. That's real funy silb, y'know since i don't go to school anymore?

  3. w33l33, wtf u doin?

    lolz i turned ur profile into personal chat..fail

  4. hey man, are you in australia, and from england by any chance? Its just i know someone.... let me know

  5. Ey man, you never gonna see this. But happy birthday anyways. I'll probably have seen you by the time you read this but who cares. And you ARE gonna smoke that whole cigar!

  6. Thanks, man... i'm not even really on form atm, exams and shit. Just you wait...

  7. you think i'm funny huh? Well, i'm damned if i eat fudge on a tuesday...

    Wait... it's tuesd...

    AH CRAP!

  8. 4,999 posts dude... 1 more to 5k!

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