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  1. I updated stiggy earlier, looks much better now :P

  2. Stiggy! FTW

    Might have to update it to look better, tbh

  3. Promotions ain't my thing, name badges are not interesting.

    It's not enough for me, see, to stay at home with Richard and Judy.

    Good times.

  4. You're still young enough for frwaky underage porn, boy.

  5. You're the funniest person alive, I swear it :P

  6. @Connor - might even have been both. Not sure.

  7. Quite, and one who I happen to think is a little bit of a bastard, at that.

  8. As in 'lol nice' or 'lol fail' ?

    Decided to go for something different. Not sure if I like it myself tbh.

  9. I epic win'd on ILIR :P

  10. Someone obviously didn't tell you that spamming my comments box pisses me off.

    That's all.

  11. Intelligent life has been discovered on the GTA place... how odd...

    Yeah, hi, just a friendly mod hello and kudos on the decent posts etc. Not often a member like you shows up.

    Peace, Llama.

  12. Hi Urban, I might have asked you this before... but do you happen to know the file names for the racing suit (both parts) in SA? I'm going through a few texture mods atm, any help would be very appreciated... :)


  13. Some say that when he's done making love, he bites the head off his partner...


    Dunno why I didn't think of it before... lol

  14. Note the epic new personal photo :D

  15. Thanks. I'm actually surprised people are voting me, since I randomly disappeared with no warning before. People are too forgiving. :P

  16. Thanks man.

    Been busy alot recently, college, etc. Should be on nearer xmas, but for now, neglect is FTW.


  17. I'd PM you back, but those lame symbols you use break the PM system.

  18. Hey Nate.

    I'm not bad, starting college on the 8th, so yeah. Should be good.

    Trying to get back into a decent sleeping pattern, but i only just woke up and it's 1pm...so ...fuck.


  19. Exactly 1k posts. Congrats :)

  20. rofl, it was like 3 am when i did that :D

    I was gonna do hair and glasses but i really couldn't be bothered... :/

  21. Dayum, she DID kill that song.. that chorus actually made me cringe.... <_<

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