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    LCF's Xbox Live Contest

    793,123 1989 3111989
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    GTA B3yond

    Ciaran, add me to that. it's been awhile....
  3. his name is L from a live action movie of Death note.

  4. HEY MAN WHATS UP!!!! yea in case if you havent recieved my previous message, remove that personal photo because I had it first out of the two of us.

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    Ban the person on top of you

    banned for not licking pussy after bed time.
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    Ban the person on top of you

    Banned for not watching 2 girls 1 cup which can be found over [this link was removed by Paul T, actually it never existed, I just put this here to cause a distraction or give you a reason to not ban me...]
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    The Random Post Topic

    I preditc we make the 11383 post in January 29th.... I WAS RIGHT!
  8. For the server, you should put the camera [the "weapon" for umm movie purposes] and every vehicles but to own it you have to buy it, a weapons shop, and there should be a large selection of character models so people dont look the same a lot. The camera is just for my use because i have plans, ill post a topic later about it if this server is made.
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    PS3 V XBOX 360 V Wii

    It is also a shame that Godfather is on the Wii too! And man it is fun, probably one of the most violent wii games! [never played it] I find crackdown very fun, and like the cop futuristic version of GTA. If you kill innocent people, the cops betray you which is fun. =P
  10. Paul T.

    PS3 V XBOX 360 V Wii

    PS3 Player, I know you and Ciaran and I were PS3 buddies, but the PS3, it just isn't satisfying me as a gamer. It is not really good for game system, it is like a rip off a PSP which I boring now collecting dust. The only things I use my PS3 for, is watching movies [not blue ray], viewing pictures that I take with my friends, and watching videos. When I go to blockbuster or best buy to get a game, the only thing good I probably want to play is Vitrua Tennis 3. But then again, Virtua Tennis isn't that amusing as Wii Sports, even though Virtua Tennis "looks realistic". The only thing my PS3 is doing now is collecting dust while my Wii is overheating because I am playing too much with it. The online feature is ok, but the only thing I can do is just talk to Ciaran by sending messages. I don't feel like buying a "bluetooth" headset, and the PS3 says it cannot support talk because of something with the wireless signals [regardless of the fact my wireless router is next to the system] I cannot make my own avatar and choose the ones that Sony made. The online feature fails in comparison miserably compared to X box Live. And speaking about long lasting systems, I looked for my Playstation and it doesn't play anything. I just got 7 years ago too. Of course systems like the Sega Genesis or NES would alst long, because they actually play games only. The X-Box 360 gets a lot of defects reports because a lot of people buy them. There are many reports of the Wii such as broken TV screens, or Bricked Wiis because the Wii is constantly sold out. The PS3 seems perfect, but it is just that no one buys them. When I bought my PS3, the shelves are full and even though I bought the wii, I looked in the shelves, there was one left, but someone immediately ran to it, and bought it.
  11. Paul T.

    PS3 V XBOX 360 V Wii

    hmmm I using context clues from Spaz's post, I think TB is a lot bigger than GB. I really like how everyone here is talking about the xbox 360 and PS3 but yet no one is pointing out anything bad about the Wii.... Hooray for nintendo! Although from what I've read from somewhere, Sony was gonna help Nintendo with some CD technology for a system, but instead, Nintendo went with someone else and Sony got "jealous" and made their own system the Playstation. If you ask me, the graphics for the PS3 isn't that impressive from looking at the games Transformers and Sonic the Hedgehog. The graphics look better on the 360 for those games. And as for exclusive content, PS3 loses because of some hard to program a game thing. Damn! FF13 isnt coming out till 2008! GRRRRRRRR! GTA4 ain't recieving any exclusive content for the PS3! HAHAHA! Let's see, I can think of many games to get for the Wii and 360 over PS3... Wii: SSM Bros. BRAWL Sonic and Mario at the Olympics! [finally] Balls of Fury Animal Crossing Bully Scholarship edition DDR: Hottest Party FIFA 08 Godzilla Unleashed Manhunt 2 [if it is unban] Mario Kart Wii Metroid Prime 3 My Sims Resident Evil Spider Man Friend or Foe Wii Music Wii Fit Xbox 360 Halo 3 GTA 4 Banjo Kazooie 3 Bully Scholarship Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare DDR Universe 2 Guitar Hero 3 Halo Wars Untitled Halo Project Half Life 2 Rockstar Presents Table Tennis [its already out I know] Soul Calibur 4 Virtua Tennis 3 PS3 Final Fantasy 13 Kingdom Hearts 3 [not gonna see that for a long time] Dynasty Warrior Gundam MGS 4 ummm I can't think of more..... Heck I can think of games for the PS2 Guitar Hero Encore .hack//GU 3 [Thats just me, I am pretty sure no one know wtf it is] GO WII!
  12. Paul T.

    PS3 V XBOX 360 V Wii

    Holy Shiznit I realized that I double posted....
  13. Paul T.

    PS3 V XBOX 360 V Wii

    That was back then.... This is now... Sure the graphics had a huge jump... but the game play sucks, voice acting sucks, everything but graphics suck. Oh hey guys, doesnt the PS3 kinda look like a "bose stereo system"? It does to me, and the way you insert the Cd is the same...
  14. Paul T.

    PS3 V XBOX 360 V Wii

    you know, if you ask me, PS3 and 360 are just computer imitations. Sure they are great, but think about it, why would a "video game console" need a music player, a internet browser, media player, dvd player, hard drive the size of a 60 GB, IP TV [only in Korea]. Thats basically what a computer does. Like Spaz says, PS3 is just a overloaded PS2 or a PSP fused with a PS2 and blue ray [wtf is the point of blue ray?] Xbox 360 is just a upgraded xbox. GREAT GRAPHICS IS NOT A BIG DEAL The game play and story matters. Look at Sonic the Hedgehog for the PS3 and Xbox 360 for example. It was a complete disgrace to all Sonic games. Yea sure, the graphics were nice [i dunno how it is possible to make good graphics for a talking blue hedgehog] but the game play was shit, there were too much loading screens, the game was buggy, and apparently in this game, it is ok in this game for a beast human love relationship, overall the graphics were great, but the game overall sucked! Wii on the other hand... Is really a revolution for gaming. Graphics are ok [look at Twilight of princess] Real Online Play will be coming soon [super smash bros BRAWL] not including Pokemone Revolution cuz that was shit Gameplay is amazing, cuz when you are slashing some giant monster up, you are physically slashing air up! You can play some retro games that we still love [sold separately] Some software on the Wii can affect games [weather channel can change the weather in Foot ball games] And guess what, people just don't sit in the chair and they become couch potatoes anymore. Ok well that sums up my view of the stupid consoles war and the Wii is the true video gaming system while everything else are computer imitations. Although, why should I care about these Console Wars, I am getting a 360 to complete my collection so HAHAHA. LONG LIVE THE WII!
  15. Paul T.

    Official Playstation Discussion

    well technically the british made us, then we had a war called the american revolution and we got our independence the end. I will kick your arses if i get a online game you guys get!
  16. Paul T.

    Europe and Asia

    The topic title says "Europe and Asia, what separates them?" My answer is physically nothing. There is no river separating Asia and Europe. Asia and Europe are connected by land. So why are they two different continents? Some people say the Europeans saw the Asians and said: "We look nothing like them! We don't have small eye lids like them! We don't talk like them! Lets make our own country and we're Europe, you guys can be Asia!" Ok, no one ever said that, but it is basically like that. Europe and Asia are both on the same land. We Asians didn't really care about it, but I just thought about it right now. So Europe and Asia combine into Eurasia? I mean, the only thing separating the two continents is a imaginary border line! Let the flaming begin- I mean what are your opinions? Oh by the way, here is the map:
  17. Paul T.

    300 HILARIOUS Trailer

    i like the "brush your teeth" part. very nice.
  18. Paul T.

    Afterlife, Do you belive in it?

    I had this thought, one time I was just sitting, then I remembered how people say death is like sleeping but never waking up. So I thought about it, and thought maybe we are just sleeping, and the after life is just a dream and you can never wake up from it. The reason why you could never wake up is because your physical body is destroyed. But then I said to myself that it doesnt make sense. I believe in heaven. Maybe heaven is like a island. That island will contain everything, everyone that you have ever loved. Mommy and Daddy, God, Jesus, family, your dog, friends, just waiting for you on that island. I know for sure that hell is a firey pit. You will be able to everything on that island, but you can't reach to that island. Far away. Thats enough about my thoughts. I am catholic by the way. Specifically Roman Catholic.
  19. Paul T.

    Punish or Disbar Jack Thompson

    My number is 1106 and 1103!
  20. Paul T.

    Europe and Asia

    my damn point was why did we separate it in the first place? The two major continents are on the same land mass. Same with North America and South America.
  21. Paul T.

    Europe and Asia

    I am a filipino! Well the point of this topic is to show that there is nothing separarting Asian and Europe but an imaginery line.
  22. Paul T.

    Europe and Asia

    @Joya: That was just a racist offense against me, my family, most of my friends. If you think Asia is uncivilized, I can point out some things that Europe did that WASN'T civilized and that was BARBARIC! @Jonker: China is great, but be careful, it is a communist country. And you do know how communists work. Oh and be careful about the two Koreas, they technically haven't ended the war yet , back from the cold war. I agree with you on this : Sure we may be poor, but just because we are poor, doesn't mean were un-civilized.
  23. yea I was somewhere else during the week of the 11th. cough cough hospital cough cough