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    Favourite Wrestler

    so cc i am guessing that u don't like wrestling, btw... u rekon the rock was good in scorpion king or not?
  2. Thug-a-nomics

    Be more original!

    That is just standard stuff, why change it ?
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    Word Association

  4. Thug-a-nomics

    Word Association

  5. Thug-a-nomics

    xbox or ps2

    Well it all depends on which controld u prefer i would go for the ps2 but u may like the x-box controls betta.
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    Word Association

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    Word Association

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    Word Association

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    Word Association

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    Word Association

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    They are both cool in there own ways but tommy would smack fido
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    Word Association

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    Word Association

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    Introduce Yourself..

    Well it look like i am back cam man, let me be the first to welcome u Sam
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    Word Association

  16. Thug-a-nomics

    Favourite Console

    Nikolai Diavolo glad to see you have stopped minin flamin ppl for vot ing fror the PS2 and now u have the GC and PS2 on a par
  17. Thug-a-nomics

    Favourite Wrestler

    Brock will whoop goldbergs ass, i don't really like brock but is a superb wrestler
  18. Thug-a-nomics

    The Darkness

    Yep that is their best song, the video is pretty good
  19. Thug-a-nomics

    The Rating System

    Like most before me i voted for HELL Yeah -Thug
  20. Thug-a-nomics

    Favorite Gang

    I don't really have a favourite gang, and leave the golfers alone
  21. Thug-a-nomics

    GTA:SA Officially Confirmed!

    Well that is if it is on time of course, that would be cool tho, just around ur b'day
  22. Thug-a-nomics


    Online there should be massive gang wars and stuff like that, as skyline said the possibilities are virtually endless
  23. Thug-a-nomics

    Anyone still have these games?

    I got mine from Tesco for £15 a while ago in a collectors series pack
  24. Thug-a-nomics

    GTA:SA Officially Confirmed!

    It is totally great that San Andreas has now been officially confirmed, i can't wait for the release, even thought it is still a long way off
  25. Thug-a-nomics

    Country Flags mod

    Yes, i totllay agree, it is a pretty fun mod indeed, i like it Chris man. I am from the pacific ocean