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  1. Well I've lived in Canada for 11 years now and it's been quite a pleasant experience. Moved here in 2000 from Kazakhstan and lived in Toronto for 5 years and then in Vancouver for 6 (now I'm back in Toronto for university). Overall, it's a pretty diverse country and ranges in demographics all over the place. From my experience I like Vancouver better mainly for the differences in the weather (milder summers and winters + 'fresher' air) and the difference in geography (beautiful mountains where you can ski/snowboard, beaches that you can actually swim in, etc). But then again I only experienced Toronto until I was 12 so my opinion could change in a couple years. Anything specific you want to know? I don't really know where to start. And I'm 18 now and in my first year of university so I'm just starting to get a feel for the job availability here and starting to pay closer attention to politics.

    Vancouver sounds awesome, but it is all the way on the west side of the country, which I guess I actually don't mind that much, Oregon was/is a thought anyhow. How does Toronto compare as far as the climate? I really need to research for myself :P Are there any other larger cities other than those?

    Never lived there but have visited, it's a fantastic country, very friendly and has the feeling that only commonwealth realms share, hard to explain.

    I feel like that's the general view on Canada, very friendly, accepting people. Of course there will be the idiots, as anywhere, but not so much of the bigot/racist type

    Nice to see you're thinking the same thing I am, Shermz. I don't see much hope for this country, and it's looking a lot easier to just flee than try to fix the mess we're in.

    This thread is relevant to my interests.

    Exactly how I feel. I just want to not have any problems with citizenship (dual if we can) and jobs. Both which are my biggest concern, since we both are going to school. Mostly her, though, I'm sure there are plenty of diesel powered trucks. She's going to be a teacher.. so she'll have no clue about Canadian history :/ Which could be a set back.

  2. Was considering it but I have so many other games to play at the moment! I did just get GTA3 for iOS though so might play through that again as it's a pretty quick playthrough.

    Haha, yeah, I'm running on broke so I don't have anything new, and won't unless I get it for Christmas, haha :P I have never 100%'d any GTA game so I thought it'd be really fun to have one go through of the main ones and officially complete them. By time gta5 comes out, I will barely have enough time for that. School and probably working a solid 40 hrs, or at least close I hope. The amount of nostalgia is amazing though, I'm loving every minute of it. I will probably start really getting some progress starting January when my wife starts going to school, she can study while I play :D

    Although the only real side missions I dread are the taxi ones. They aren't THAT bad, but its tedious. First post a (little) updated

  3. Since the game is assumed at being released around this time next year (take a little..) I am going through GTA3, GTAVC, GTASA, GTA4 and LCS/VCS if time permits and finishing them 100% Is anyone else doing something else, maybe similar? I figured I'd keep track of my progress as I get through them in here as well :P

    GTA3 as of 12/18/11

    Finished Portland (most) hidden packages, everything done but paramedic and off road / missions.

  4. I've had a little thought in my head for the past little while, it's nothing super serious yet, but I do want to discuss it. Is there anyone here that has an education and lives in Canada? I've done little to no research, but I want to start looking into Canada as a living place. Before I do anything, I'd just like to hear some voices/opinions over how well the country/territories are doing overall. Y'know, wouldn't want to try a different country and go through the hassles if it is not much better off than where I'm from.

    tl;dr: Canadians, opinion of your country.

  5. So I was wondering what you guys are most excited about from the information we have so far. Me, I'm extremely happy about the countryside and LS. I loved driving like a madman through the countryside in a 4x4, and Mt. Chiliad. In the pictures, it was HUGE!

  6. I hope they make the game more mod-able this time around, With decent dev support the community created servers will anytime be a lot more superior than whatever Rockstar intends to offer.

    Nein. Mods and multiplayer don't mix. When I play CSS or L4D2 I'm lucky if I manage to find a non super-power / warcraft game.

    He means something like Multi Theft Auto. http://mtasa.com

    I would love something like MTA. I can do without some of the rediculous mods, but shit like racing around like crazy, dogfights in the planes/heli's, was so fun. I can't remember if I've already posted in this thread (I can't keep up with what day it is..) but it NEEDS gang support. A clan system is so desperately needed, even if the game doesn't exactly revolve around gangs.

  7. Its possible they're the same people. Same hairline, but half of his face IS covered up. I think that was the point of the mask for the heist or whatever they are doing. So no one would recognize or be able to point him out :P

  8. I really enjoyed the IPB gang wars. Something about the (user interface) simplicity of it was very fun. GTAIV was not very workable, there was no real clan/gang system to be on sides with. I'm really hoping R* will have come up with a solution to this, because I didn't see it just on this forum, I saw it on many. Mostly police clans, but yeah. Anyway. We'll just have to see what happens with activity and the new game.

  9. I first started playing GTA games when I was in 3rd grade, so around 7-8 years old. The first GTA to be specific, then 2 a little later. 3 came out when I just started middle school, sixth grade, so still 12. Suppose I was blessed with the ability to tell the difference between fact and fiction. I wouldn't want the same for another kid now, though. 7 years old playing GTA4? No way. There is a HUGE difference between gta1 and 4.

  10. Lets see. Got married three months ago, moved into the desert around a year and a half ago. Working two jobs just to get 40 hrs in a week to pay bills etc. Going to school starting next fall for auto tech. And that's about it. Moved out of the ghetto as well :D

  11. He WAS a genius. The guy developed a cult-like following for Apple's products. He made well designed MP3 players, touch screen phones, and laptops desirable and usable to a point where clever marketing could influence millions of people to purchase their products regardless of whether they actually needed them. He made people want them and that so often translated into a sale because the desire was so strong. THAT is genius. Apple is now the biggest tech company in the entire world.

    Not many people have been able to so successfully transform a company's fortunes (remember how shitty Apple were before iPods? Now look where they are. EVERYWHERE.)

    Literally everywhere. To the point that people don't even know they own an Apple product.

  12. i hated undercover

    That game SUCKED. I wanted a relatively cheap racing game so I picked it up and was back at the store a few hours later. I couldn't play it. The way it was set up.. ugh. No words for it.

    Underground 1 and 2

    Amen. I've still been meaning to pick these up again. They are a blast to play. I still remember all the late nights online just goofing around with my friends. Why can't they make them like this anymore? I have the new one, Run, on pre order hold. But I don't know if I'll actually get it.

  13. Fucking awesome Sky. We should catch up some time.

    And nice post Llama, very true what you said at the end. Should add to it that if you're gonna change, do it for yourself, not for someone else.

    I have a girlfriend now, and I got her by being myself, a "nice guy", I didn't need to be a bad boy. :)

    Definitely. It's been super long, I need to create another MSN account. I forgot my password, haha. And glad to hear you have a girlfriend. /offtopic

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