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  1. The GTA Man

    what year would GTA 4 Be in

    hopefully the present day 2007
  2. I would want to be Male. Being a Female wouldnt seem right. It would ruin GTA.
  3. The GTA Man

    What are you currently playing?

    'what game are you playing' ....... so i then say 'The best game in the world CANIS CANEM EDIT!!!' so shut up your so annoying
  4. The GTA Man

    downloading cars

    Yes they will work. I think. Im sure. Its just a french site not french download
  5. Yeah thats what i ment. in vc, why did l.vance go after them guys because they killed his brother.
  6. The GTA Man

    Grand Theft Auto IV

    er.... Wow that must have took ages torite unless you copy and pasted it. you din a prison break style story, 'wrongly accused of assassinating the presidents brother'. i like it though
  7. The GTA Man

    How to install a car mod

    er..... im modding vice city
  8. The GTA Man

    How to install a car mod

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh i still after reading this topic a thousand times do not know how to install anything. im trying to do it manually because i didnt get the vcm one. i click img tool 2.0, open. i click file open i cant find the vice city directory. or any folders to do with vice city. plz someone help!!!!!!
  9. The GTA Man

    What are you currently playing?

    The best game in the world............ CANIS CANEM EDIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. The GTA Man

    To Kokane fans

    lol freaky guy cool the way you put the pics together. but as others said id be really freakin out
  11. The GTA Man

    TGTAP hits 100,000 post milestone!

    Yey!!! Finally lol Congrats The GTA Place!!!!!
  12. The GTA Man

    What Age Do You Act?

    It said 'your 13 yrs old.' Amazing. At least i am acting like what i should act like.
  13. The GTA Man

    What Superhero Are You?

    Im like SUPERMAN!!!
  14. The GTA Man

    What did you get for the Holidays?

    Nice , I like the 1GB of ram
  15. The GTA Man

    Vice City or Vice City Stories?

    I havent played VCS yet but i think VC would be better. Not sure. But VC has the classic tommy vercetti. i started VC again the other day and i just saw and remembered that the guy making the deal is Victor Vance. good story