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  1. I like the remington the best, not because of the handling or how fast it goes, I like it because it looks so cool, it's so sleek and it's like 2 inches off the ground.
  2. when you try and hook up with the girlfriend that likes fat guys, she rejects you(if you've got full muscle) and says ' what did you have for breakfast? steroids? '
  3. where can you get the shamal after you do the liberty city mission?
  4. ThE_G@m£

    Favorite City?

    I voted LS because I like turf wars, but I now that I think about it I kinda like LV better beause it has the best hideout ever(airstrip), the Jet plane, the bike, the jetpack... it's the best.
  5. ThE_G@m£

    can you use

    The can probably works the same way as the knuckle dusters.
  6. I didn't realise that, I wish I could do the mission again. I've started the game again, but I'm not even in San Fierro yet... stupid badlands, whats the point
  7. ThE_G@m£

    www.Mp2-gtasa.tk forums

    Is the ''Don't advertise unless you have over 30 posts'' rule still in effect??
  8. yeah, it said if you keep flying east the same way you did in the Liberty city mission, eventually blotches of colour start to appear over las venturas and san fierro. has anybody tried this??
  9. ThE_G@m£

    Your age

    Back to the topic:I turned 14 two days before the game came out, when I went to the store to buy it (with a parent of course) everyone that was buying it seemed to be 30-40 year old guys!
  10. I bought the SE 2 disc Scarface and the SE 2 disc Goodfellas.
  11. Yeah, I like VC because my fav movie is Scarface, and VC basically took the movie and put it in the game, it's just class.
  12. ThE_G@m£

    GTA Hood

    I would give it a while, even this site had few members at one point, it'll probably get alot better when more people join .
  13. you only fly to a certain point and then after a short cutscene you are inside the bistro, so don't get your hopes up because as soon as you kill the last guy you're right back on the plane to san andreas.