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  1. I've finally got round to modding GTA IV, however when I install more than 3 car mods my game will run for about 5-15 minutes before crashing and giving me an error message saying "SMPA60 A Fatal error has occured" or something along the same lines. I know that some people had this problem before any mods were installed, however mine will only appear when I install more than 3 cars. So does anyone know a fix to this problem? Or have they made GTA IV unmoddable due to MultiPlayer?
  2. is at work =P

  3. Finally got my internet working properly again, and I want to get back into the swing of things, so I'm currently taking requests for cars. Copy and Paste the form below and fill it out. To select a choice, put an "x" in the box next to your choice. I'll be posting images of the completed cars on this topic. =============================================== * Driver Information * Driver Name : ====================================================================== * Car Information * Simulation NASCAR 2003 [x] Cup series Car Make : [ ] Toyota Camry [ ] Dodge Charger [ ] Ford Fusion [ ] Chevrolet Monte Carlo Year : 2007 Headlights : [ ] Yes [ ] No Exhaust System : [x] Left Side Grill/Tape : [ ] Speedway ====================================================================== * Paint Scheme Information * Type : [ ] High Resolution (1024*1024) Car Number : Number Color: Primary Sponsor : Website URL : (link to image of logo) Secondary Sponsor : Website URL : (link to image of logo) Other Sponsors : Website URLs : Primary Color : Secondary Color : Contigency Set : [ ] 2007 Nextel [ ] 2007 Busch Rookie Stripes : [ ] Yes [ ] No ====================================================================== * Additional Information * ===============================================
  4. I've recently got my hands on GTA IV for PC and I started to mod it straight away. After installing 2 mods for the police cars I decided to do it on more cars. I installed a mod for the Admiral (Audi S8) and the Primo (Renault Laguna 1.6). They used to spawn frequently, but now that I've modded them they don't appear anymore. I haven't changed the Vehicle.ide data, because I wanted to remain the same as before. So is there any reason that these cars don't spawn anymore?
  5. Does anyone know where the Admiral spawns? I've checked various maps on IGN etc, but none of them are correct, or they're for the console versions, so some spawns are wrong. Can anyone help please?
  6. GiiBz


    I have 2 tickets to "The Woman in Black" The 2010 Coke Zero 400 at Daytona "Peter Pan" 2009 PAX 2009 E3 and Paradise
  7. lol if only that kick had actually hit that kid properly it would have demolished his face
  8. Bed at 11, up at 5:30

  9. Can anyone point me in the right direction for GTA IV vehicle mods? I can't seem to find any trucks or vans. There's a lack of 4 doors and 4x4's too. I'm trying to replace every car in the game, but so far I've only managed about 15. Please can anyone help?
  10. Tired lol. I can't remember the last time I wasn't tired tbh

  11. Just brought GTA IV off play.com for £10 lol =P

  12. Hey. How are you?

  13. I added you on PSN finally

  14. By the Spetznaz spawn you can jumo over the railings and onto the submarines
  15. I've been playing it all day. TDM seems so much easier when you go back to it. But fail story of the day. My mate Jake was the last alive in the deciding game. The map was sub-base and he was sitting on one of the subs. He threw his carepackage marker just off to the side of him, and when it landed it was a Stealth Bomber. So he went to get it, but fell off the submarine and died -.- lol
  16. I remember in 1 emergency airdrop I hate a chopper gunner, an AC130, a pavelow and a UAV. Safe to say I was sorted in that match lol
  17. I'm having trouble installing a car mod. I've followed all the instructions as listed above, but whenever I go to delete a file in the gta3.img it says "Dir Error! This file may be in use...exiting..." I've made sure both the gta3.img and gta3.dir are NOT read only.. Srsly help!
  18. This keeps happening to me and its just turned into being a massive pain in the fucking ass. I'll be playing on my new account, everything is fine, then when I go back to my main account and try to play online I can't connect. It just says "Downloading Servers..." and it never finds them. I've tried it on another PS3 and another connection and that doesn't work, and I know it's not my disk because it also does it with CoD4 and CoD WAW. Can anyone help me or will I have to hunt down someone at IW and kill them?
  19. Sorry for the late reply. Yeah It'd be great if you could do all of it, but if its easlier you don't have to include the "Nationwide" Series decals by the front wings
  20. Put this paint scheme (Brad Keselowski's 2009 GoDaddy.com Nationwide Chevrolet) onto a Hotring Racer, or one of the Nascar's available on GTA-Worldmods Here's Brad's car
  21. When will you be back?!

  22. Mind if I add you on PSN?

  23. Hey Jace, havn't seen u in ages!

  24. You in a clan on MW2?

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