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  1. Can't even remember when I joined, but it must have been around 2007? Think I came looking for GTA SA mods, then needed help with them. I was probably like 13 at the time lol, I remember posting in some cars thread and trying to blag that my dads new car was my car or something fucking retarded lol. Good to see some folks are still here and do still miss this place. hopefully more people will join the discord server - I dont have the link right now, but if anyone wants it feel free to let me know.
  2. GiiBz

    Alive Check

    Yeah, seemed to have really blown up over the weekend =/ I don't really play on my PS3/4 these days, moved over to Steam now and play mainly on PC. My Steam user is 'Giibz' (screen name PzKfw Tiger I) Think we might have played some GTA 4/5 online way back in the day? Unless I'm getting confused with another Chris on my list lol. I was amazed to see Kokane was still coming on here too, another name from the old days!
  3. GiiBz

    Alive Check

    I've been lurking here on and off for a couple of years now too. Not sure if you even remember me lol... Shame this whole area seems to be totally clogged with spambot posts nowadays though
  4. Bringing Signature bars back ;)

  5. I'm just giving the car a little more character for now, then I'll most likely strip it out, flock the dash, shove a cage in and use it as a trackday car. New Alloys £50
  6. Installed it, dyno'd it, and it gained around 3bhp standard, Remapping it at work later this week. Got around to buying some 2nd hand alloys, so they'll be powdercoated etc. Then the final thing to do is start saving for the conversion.
  7. Yeah, I've seen various hidious looking Corsa C mods in the past, mainly the 'Euro' style, which involved tyre stretching them to the point of retardation. I'm looking more at the street / Rallycross looks, tempted to strip it out, but a Z20 with 3.5boost, and wack it up to 400break, and then just use it on track days.
  8. Recently my cousin decided to get rid of his 2005 Vauxhall Corsa C 1.2. I bought it off him for £700, with 81k on the clock. So, I decided to make it something a little more interesting, without spending an ass load of money on it. So to start with, here it is when I first picked it up Front Side Rear I decided as a first step, to start with bodywork, as the engine is still tight as a drum, and pulls pretty well for a 1.2, mainly due to the lightness of the car. So I got the fugly plastic areas colour coded, and added some sideskirts, again colour coded. It's also had a Sportex straight through exhaust fitted to it, but I forgot to take photo's of it :3 Planned Additions: Alloys - PowderCoated gloss black Irmscher Front Grill Irmscher Rear Spoiler SRi Smoked Rear Lights Rear Tinted Windows K&N Airfilter and eventually a Z20LET Engine, running on 2.5 boost. Rate/Slate
  9. I see you do Club100 too. Did you ever do The Daytona D-MAX Champs too?

  10. Recently my PSP trial ran-out and since Photoshop is cheaper, I chose that. I've never actually used Photoshop before, but I've been teaching myself some stuff. So here's some of the work I've done. Can you guys rate the images please, and pick your favorite?
  11. OK, so a while back I took GTA IV off my laptop, due to it taking up too much space. After realising today that I had enough space, I tried to reinstall it. However, all I get is the "You must login to R* Social to play online" so I log in etc, then it just says "PLAY" So for some reason GTA IV thinks it's still installed on my laptop, even though from what I can see the game is completely wiped off my HDD. Whenever I click play is says "File Directory could not be located" I'm completely mind-fucked as to what I can do, any ideas?
  12. Nothing unusual about my setup, I'm on Windows 7 on a PC, it's installed in my C: drive too. and It's store bought, on a DVD
  13. Actually they're in Medal of Honor =P I'd like to see the SA80 Assault Rifle in the game [standard British Rifle] and the Sub 200, which is basically a folding rifle which uses a pistol calibre round.
  14. My first car, which I gave to my little brother last year My 1999 Golf 1.8T
  15. I've been needing a small bit of help with this for a while now, and I've searched high and low for an answer but still can't find one. Everytime I mod GTA IV it freezes at some point, BUT WAIT!!! !!Before you simply exit this thread read the next part!! Yes, I know that most people will simply say "It's a broken mod!" or "You didn't install it correctly!" Well today I broke out IV, and followed a video on how a certain car was installed [i downloaded the car in question too] The video showed the player playing for about 20 mins before the video ended. However, even after following the instructions 100% my game froze after about 5 mins, even though the modded car wasn't even around!! So is there actually a way to mod more than half the cars without the game freezing? If so please tell me how, because every GTA I mod [VC, SA, IV] they always freeze at some point =/
  16. Thanks, I'll give that a shot, if it doesn't work, expect me to come crying back to you EDIT: No, that didn't work
  17. OK, so I've been meaning to setup my PS3 to my tv via and HDMI cable for a while now, and finally got round to doing it today. However my TV doesn't seem to want to accept the input, and after sifting through hundreds of articles on Google I still can't see what the problem is, can anyone help? Below is an account of what happens when I try to use HDMI 1- I turn on the PS3 as normal, with the SCART and HDMI cables connected. [The SCART cables are connected to TV Output 1, and the HDMI cables to HDMI Output 1] 2- I go to the "settings" menu on the XMB, and scroll down to the "Display Settings" section 3- I go to "Video Output Settings" and select HDMI 4- A message then appears saying "Connector: HDMI. Press the X button. The screen will be displayed based in this setting. If the setting is not correct, the screen will go blank temporarily. Then, after 30 seconds the system will go back to the previous screen" 5- I press X, and the screen goes black. I have checked on both the "TV1" and "HDMI 1" channels, and both seem to get a signal, but remain blank. 6- The screen reverts back to the old SCART inputs No matter what I do, I can't seem to get this to work, and yet I have friends who's PS3's work absolutely fine using the same cables and TV. Any ideas?
  18. GiiBz

    MW3 Wishlist

    They should learn from Bad Company 2, the online sounds from that were great, as were the sounds in Medal of Honor 2010. Looking back at World at War, the Browning 50. sounded like a pea shooter lol
  19. GiiBz

    MW3 Wishlist

    As of now, there are only a few things that have been officially released, with information regarding MW3. So what do you guys want to see in the multi-player? I'll Start PRIMARY WEAPONS Assault Rifles: M16 M4A1 Carbine XM8 Aug LBar AK-47 ACR M14 G36C Sub-Machine Guns: AK-74U MP5K Mac10 UMP45. CAR-15 TDI Vector P90 VBR-PDW Light Machine Guns: M249 SAW M60 MG3 Stoner Ares Shrike Bolt Actions/Snipers: Enfield Springfield M95 Barret 50. Intervention M40A3 R700 M24 M21
  20. My Steam ID- GiiBz [Alias is M40A3 Predator] Games - Penumbra, L4D2, Race07, CoD4
  21. My cousins is 17 and is trying to insure a 1.1 Mitsubishi Colt. Insurance it £7000 for it. It's so pathetic nowadays
  22. 2010 BMW M5 - Ok it's not mine, it's my dads, but that hasn't stopped me driving it a couple of times
  23. 2Doors/Compacts Mitsubishi Colt, Mini Cooper, Ford Focus, Seat Leon 4Doors BMW 5 Series BMW 3 Series Ford Fusion Chevrolet Lacetti Toyota Camry Sports Gallardo Mercialago Enzo Veyron
  24. Brass Knuckles Colt Python AK74u, MP5k, UMP.45 M4,M14,M16,FAL WA2000, M40A3 Javelin Missile Launcher, RPG, some kind of grenade launcher
  25. I'm so bored of Black Ops already...

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