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  1. GiiBz

    HI! You got MGS4 yet?

  2. Sky looks like Anothony from Smosh.... Looks Sky Anthony
  3. If you type : Gerard owner of MSForums you come up again lol
  4. Hi Sky! (Just noticed that rhymes lol)

  5. My name came up with a F3000 driver, a olimpic swimmer and the Nascar driver Carl Edwards
  6. my race league.LNRacing
  7. It's not me in the box, it's Ian Hecox from Smosh.com

  8. Have you got a link to the picture?
  9. Since he hasn't replied, I'm guessing it's right. Which car spawns outside the Car License place when you get all golds?
  10. GiiBz

    Sup bud, How are you doin?

  11. Can you put Matt_153 on this one please!
  12. Oh Hai, H0(/\)ArĀ£ Y0u

  13. We already know all tge secrets and easter eggs though lol
  14. GTA IV? lol Twisted Metal Black?
  15. Watch telly What if you were surrounded by invinsible zombies in an indistructable room, with no way out what so ever
  16. Sabre - Has 3 models. A new car A worn car An old rusted banger Usually found driving around Bohan and Broker, and sometimes the airport Vigero - Has 2 models A new car an old rusted banger Again usually found in Bohan or Broker
  17. It would turn into a Resistance style scenerio. What if I threw a pencil at your mother
  18. You'll rebel to anything - Mindless self Indulgence
  19. -Double Post- Ran the Pensteel car. Not a great night. Came 8th and was 2 laps down lol
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