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  1. La di da di - Mindless Self Indulgence
  2. Oh Hai Again Again

  3. Fall Out Boy- This ain't a scene...It's an Arms Race
  4. Welcome to TGTAP!

  5. You can get metal ones but they can kill. I have metal ones of course lol
  6. Can I have a Dark Grey background With This Image On the right (only the cars. Not the background or ground etc.) And This pic On the left (only the number 60 car. Not the other cars or background etc.) Then can it say RaDi0N in the centre in red. Can it be in This font (the font from the word racing) Sorry I don't know where to get it :S Ohhh look I'm still writing a link.... YAY! Thanks
  7. I lol'd at the PM you send to me... and Alkaline.Now go get some freinds

  8. It could be the mods playing up. Try replacing the mods with the original files and see if it works. If not it could be your grafix card
  9. I agree with Ivan

  10. Mindless Self Indulgence - Stupid MF
  11. Oh Hai again

  12. Google Images. It's Boxman from Smosh

  13. The driving system is the best it's ever been. So it's just people aren't used to it yet. I still crash every now and then. Also just because the map is smaller doesn't mean there's less to do. IV has the most things to do compared to all GTA games...
  14. You have to be fitter to be in nascar and indy car than you do in rally, so I like them more.... Turismo Zombie Huntley Sport Taxt/Cabby Oh and it's called the PMP600
  15. They move out of the way for me
  16. Granted but I steal it I wish I had a peice of paper
  17. Lady: I'm Trying to send a text message! Lazlow: Oh wow! I'm trying to send a text message! L-O-L....
  18. There's a Sultan, Uranus, Stratum and all the other street racing cars, but there is no Elegy in the game to my knowledge.
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