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  1. The Cute Boy One day after school I heard my teacher announce that we were having a prom. So I went up to this fucked up boy named Chris and asked him if he wanted to go to the prom. He said yes. When we got there, my best friend, Kokane, was there. I asked her if she thought Chris was cute? She said, "Oh man, WTF!!" Then I asked Chris if he could go get us some sperm. And then when he was over there, he tripped over the orgasm and splashed sperm all over himself. I was so embarrassed I left. srry Chris...
  2. The park in our neighborhood is very fucked up. It has a wet slide, and a hard swingset. There is a big open sperm. When we go to the park, we like to lick and masturbate. My favorite things in the park are the juice and the drugs. another one I have to clean my room every Saturday. Last Saturday, my room was very black. Under my bed, I found a killer, a black, and a fool. My closet smelled like a muthafucker. As I fast cleaned my dresser, I found a furious, half-eaten rapper.
  3. During my summer vacation this year I learned how to do lots of fun things. I learned how to gently caress, how to suck and how to ride a dick. I also stayed up late every night watching wet movies on the internet. I went to the orgasm everyday, and I also practiced fingering. My summer vacation was so much fun that I can't wait until next year.
  4. A Strange Day It was my first time I got to go on a xtacy. I was so high. I always wanted to go on a xtacy. Chris was next to me the whole time. Then I got a dick. I thought to myself, "This is a wet day." Once we left and got in our Nissan Skyline, we stopped because a flying pssy was scaring everyone. Then Spaz saved everyone by singing Just Lose It. Then, I felt a little hard about everything that happened today. I was worried. I had a feeling that something was following me. I looked back and saw a horny cock. Then I fell in a ass, and then I found myself back at my house.
  5. i vote for my love, Chris he's the best
  6. me again.... if u had enough of me just say so and i wont be posting so many pics of me
  7. kokane

    NFSU2 car pics

    i haven't played for sooo long...but i took a pic of a car i customized some time ago, i really dont remember when was the last time ive played this game ...anyway...when i have some free time i'll pimp my ride
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