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  1. I know What do u think bout this one, Lil' Jon he looks like Predator i love his clothes tho...
  2. I was thinking of posting "V12 power" but i thought u r guys so u'll understand Disneyland
  3. Just Lose It video it's funny and kindda wierd, but i dont think Like Toy Soldiers video is wierd, it's really great, the way it starts, the way it ends, and the main idea...
  4. my bad well...if i have to say smth bout em's lyrics i can say that they r more mature now and i think his songs sound much better, i mean then he was full of hate, now he's like another person... good for u, i have all his albums and i like encore the most
  5. Chris u said u liked rap the most, here is my fav part from the song "before i go", the one that i know by hard Momma momma I know I'm selling this marijuana godI do what I wanna but god they won't give me a job I scream and I holler and even tried to stop the cops Block my get away I know I'm selling chop chop God when they send me away on the ten pop Waiting for, drama cause I'm skinny The streets may be hideous but the heat was pretty Candy made me die tittie why when we ride On to the nitty gritty slide on the system of lies With me and my pride I don't think I'm gonna make it alive (what) Cause if I do I'm a be institute Sugar lies thugged out ever since PAC died I know what thugstas all about make a sacrifice for Christ These motherfuckers never could kill me twice (kill me twice) Crack pipes on the playground playground playground playground playground {Before I go to jail yall Hell nah don't let em put me in a cell lord}
  6. kokane

    NFSU2 car pics

    i play NSFU2 but i havent played for a long time cuz i dont have time maybe i'll play this weekend
  7. i wasnt talking only bout u, i was talking more bout Spaz Gallardo
  8. i'm wondering....is there....or not... i think u both guys r sexy but...maybe there is someone sexier.....
  9. yup i did and i find it sexy, u should too, u both r guys....doh...wtf is wrong with u well...ur problem... severe
  10. well, I can give you an example of each so if you wanna hear the difference you can do it by yourself, you'll understand better if you listen than reading what I explain, that I'm sure you won't understand much hip hop: Chingy - Balla Baby rap: Bizzy Bone - Before I Go r&b: Cassidy ft. R. Kelly - Hotel I donno if you'll understand or even listen, well I've just answered your question by giving you examples.
  11. It's cool, I like it. Here's another drawing (Eminem):
  12. Well...I do and I hope you like one of my favorite drawings: It's a portrait of the actor Paul Walker (Brian O'Conner in Fast and Furious series)
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