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  1. Awww baby thats so sweet... here's my reply in romanian : puiule, si eu de-abia astept sa ne vedem, eshti atat de dragutz si dulce. so u dont have to search i'll translate , i said: baby, i cant wait to meet u too, u r so nice and sweet
  2. np, u can call me Kokane or Claudia, as u want, but i think kokane its more unique
  3. there r so many songs i like and that r so special for me but well...if i have to choose i'll say....... eminem - spend some time eminem - like toy soldiers twista ft kanye west & jamie foxx - slow jamz g-unit ft joe - wanna get to know u marques houston ft joe budden - clubbin these r some that mean a lot to me
  4. oh babe....i think im falling in love with u
  5. I would love to meet Chris and not only to meet him... to do everything with him
  6. damn..i donno any girls that i can bring here cuz none of my girl friends like gta.. aww baby thats so sweet i love u too and i wanna have sex with u
  7. Hey thanx:) Im glad to know im welcome here:coolthumbup:
  8. thats right baby but u never know... maybe we're lucky
  9. Hey ppl! Its so nice to be here surrounded by so many guys
  10. well ...i listen to hip hop, rap and r&b, but i also like rock a little
  11. Trick Daddy ft Twista & Lil Jon - Lets Go
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