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  1. I can't do undress to kill, I tried calling Dwayne, going to the strip club and looking for them, I went to playboy's apartment...
  2. I don't like how there's no reason for not being able to go to the other islands until you unlock them, even in LCS/VCS they put the strike and "hurricane" warning. this just has cops lined up that won't let you through...
  3. Sorry for double post/bump, but I need help... The only missions I have left are: Roman (86.67%) > Dwayne (50%) Playboy X (66.67%) Ok, I just got the You Won! Achievement and the credits rolled up...
  4. The order is random, but the cars are the same/in the same place. Dmac 91 listed them here
  5. I just waited until I unlocked the second island, and stole a heli tours heli and flew over the third island to get 6 stars, then you just have to stay as high as possible and the other helis never came to me, they just stayed lower
  6. A car dealership where you can buy any car, especially an Inferneus, and any other vehicle too, like boats, helis, choppers... Able to save the pics you take with Niko's camera Be able to get on a plane and fly to Liberty City (LCS), Vice City, SA... A PMG type place where you can bring in your cars and customize them (wheel size, weight ratios, colors... all the stuff in the PMG for the CheatDevice) Heli with rockets (like the Hunter) Access to more buildings, like, able to go in them and actually do something, like a coffee shop, and be able to buy coffee...(just an example)
  7. Alright, thanks, I'll try it tomorrow
  8. I can't get rolled over... I've tried it in a Comet, a SuperGT, and a Turismo. All of them at the Airport... How do I do it? I've gone off of the little yellow things shaped like /\ in between the runways, but I can only get a bunch of flips in the air, but never any rolls, maybe 1 or 2, but not 5
  9. it's fine, i did the mission already
  10. I have a video, but it's on my cell and it says it's too big to send to my email... Here's how i got "out" - I was gonna try to explore more of under the map, but after a couple steps, Niko fell through the map, nad ended up on the road... btw-you can drive the Tug boat, just go to the top of it, and press Y, it's slow, but it's still cool
  11. idk, it was a while ago... EDIT: if it helps, I'm at 66.67% mission progress EDIT: Another thing: I don't think I ever finished Undress to Kill, I did it once and got caught by the security guards and they ran away, but after that I didn't have the option to do it again (Dwayne mission at 50%) EDIT: Ok so now the only missions on the map are for Gambetti (I just did first one)
  12. Nope, didn't work I did No. 1, and then called both of them, but still can't do his missions, I'll start the McRearys...
  13. I just love getting headshots... it's so fin, and more realistic than before No more head popping off and blood splahing out like a water fountain
  14. Oh, ok, yea I have a 360... Another way to get $$, blow up an armored truck (grenades/rpg) and there should be a few thousand there (1-2)
  15. I don't know how I did it happened, but somehow I got underwater, but not swimming, it's just like Niko's on normal ground... Here's how it happened, I was on one of the things that the tug boat pulls (with the sand and stuff...), the first one right behind the boat (it's just south of algonquin bridge) I tried to spawn a helicopter, but it spawned tilted on the sand pile When I went to get in it, it "released" from the sand (kinda like it was stuck) when I touched it and sandwiched Niko between the wall and heli Then the screen flashed or something and now Niko is underwater! (I'll upload a vid/pic in a sec...)
  16. Pretty much all of the other McReary's (Except Packie and Francis) and Ray, but no one else Edit: Oh, and Brucie, but I only have No. 1 to do, I'm not a good driver...
  17. I can't get anymore of his missions, I haven't done them all, but I can't get them to "start up" again I called his phone to see if it will let me do the missions, but it won't answer... I just want to get to Holland Play (The last mission I did was Lure [Francis McReary])
  18. Doesn't work for me... in any car (that doesn't start)
  19. I got "lucky" with it, I stayed around the Pay'n'Spray and drove around it and took a lot of turns, after a minute or 2, the got stuck behind a wall/other cars and I could drive in without them seeing me
  20. Please help me, on the mission "Lure" for Francis i can't see the phone number on his phone, i could see the first 6 digits ( ) but I didn't see the next four, and can't even with zoomed all the way in... what are the next 4 digits?
  21. i've tried calling but it just gave me the dial tone, no one ever answered...
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