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  1. Does anyone have or know where a full list of the cars/object ids for VCS PSP is?(for cheatdevice) would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  2. jf1093

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    Car dealership I would like it if you could buy a car or 2, then it's yours, you keys, you can park it somewhere and it's marked on the map for later Also, it wouldn't disappear after a cut scene. Maybe it could get towed/impounded and you have to either steal it back, pay a fine or leave it and get a new one I know you can just steal a car and park it in a safehouse, but with a "rare" car (infernus in iv) it could be stored anywhere I like it
  3. I think that, if there were to be a 1st person, it should be just a view mode, you press select/back 4 times or whatever and you see first person mode I like some of the ideas, especially the buildings, but that would take a lot more time to make
  4. Shelby GT500 I love that car, everything about it I think a bus system/trolley would be cool, but you can drive it or take it somewhere At least a small plane, anything would be fine Hunter, not annihilator, it's better with rockets
  5. I just meant ppl who paid like 5$ or something to help the site get a "reward" or something, I got the idea from another site, but it fits that forum better, wouldn't work well here Sorry.. .
  6. Just a suggestion: you should make a VIP and Special VIP group, VIP for... doing something special/special(SVIP) for donating something($$) They could have access to extra places... I don't know, but itsa cool idea
  7. cheats are fun only when you beat the game and have nothing left to do, but Infernus is good, but I like the Turismo the best, comet's ok, not my favorite
  8. Cool, and nice idea, I use tgtap.com to get here, a lot easier to type in
  9. thanks, I'll upload them in a few
  10. K, mostly yesses... i'll prob get it soon
  11. Is it worth it to buy CW? Idk if I want to spend my $$ on it... Graphics, story, gameplay; are they good enough? I know it's a DS, so the graphics aren't great. But what about story/gameplay etc.
  12. Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone could make me some icons (about the size of the GTA IV one, can't remember size, on iPod touch... link below) for CW, LCS, and any other GTAs. They can be as simple as the IV one, or something more, anything will do Thanks
  13. I played GTA IV for a while, stopped for a month or 2, then started again, played the missions normally, until I finished the last one. I tried to go to the safehouse (I think playboy's) and I couldn't get it. I realized that I never did that mission, and now couldn't, but the game skipped over it and went on. I know I didn't take the other option because I knew about the clothes egg and I wanted the safehouse
  14. I know, but it's still called the World Series... I don't get it myelf
  15. YEA PHILLIES!!!!!!!! WS CHAMPS!!!!!!
  16. You can get more than one, just drive your Inferneus here: There will be a lot of Inferneus' parked on the street, then you can either push one of them with the other car, or get in one, drive it about 100 feet, go back to the other on get in, drive it about 100 feet... and repeat until you get to the safehouse (I did it to the Bohan safehouse, but you can also go to Playboy's) You can do it as much as you want, even until every parking space is full of Inferneus'
  17. I liked it when you could grab someone from behind and break their necks... that was a fun way of killing them
  18. Yeah, I hate not having a garage, because if you kill someone near your safehouse, or there's one of the taxi drivers that drives around all the other cars, then they usually hit the car out of the parking spot and it doesn't save them if you leave the area.
  19. No, I'll just play the game over again, I wanted to anyway...
  20. Guy running for mayor (after you kill the "current" one), likes to eat dead people, and try to bring them back to life... makes you (toni) sabotage the other candidates by stealing the ballots, and burning the other fake ones. He is "unfit for office" EDIT: damn, too late...
  21. Sorry about not responding, I was just in Colorado for my cousin's wedding, only got internet on my iPod in the hotel lobby... Which Mendez brother do you kill first?
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