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  1. And after the mission for Packie (can't remember name) where you not bad, but it's a hard mission
  2. Damn I can't wait... Before I didn't really care about it becaus eI didn't have a 360/PS3, but now I got a 360 and... I should just freeze myself like cartman waiting for the wii...
  3. Just to say- you can downgrade more/higher FW PSP's now, up to 3.71 if you have a CFW or FW 1.50(to make the software, but you can still downgrade any FW)
  4. I did for a while, but now I dunno... I just thought I'd come by and say hello, or wassup... ;)

  5. CS Forums were good before it got hacked... I'm registered to a few sites, but don't go on them... Used to be active on CS and GTA4PSP, ironically, they both closed down. I look at GTAF sometimes but it sucks compared to this... too many people, and too many topics asking the same thing or a topic that asks one small questiona nd another topic asking something else by the same person... God created an EDIT button for a reason... use it (random: I can't use the QUOTE button, it doesn't work...?)
  6. you probably have the patched version... it blocks Cheatdevice from working when did you get the game?
  7. f*** you asshole,

    stop stealing... everything from the LCF and trying to bring it back on GTAF, it(origional lcf) didnt work out there, so stop trying

  8. like a real plane... Helicopters would be a little harder
  9. Flying a plane could be like actually flying a plane, with the "wheel", punching just like wii boxing...simple movements can reload or open doors, like red steel. most of the controls dont need to press a button
  10. for driving use the analog thing on the nunchuck part or drive like in Call of Duty 3: like that guy from IGN, you hold the remotes kinda like a steering wheel
  11. do u think gta should be on Wii? gta on wii would be awsome with the motion controllers, it would suck on ds/gamecube, but on wii it would be the best.
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