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  1. Wait I dont understand, you meen that GTA4 is coming out on ps2???
  2. Runescape, anyone elsep lay it, if you do whats your username add me i'm connor1o
  3. Definantyl Cheeta handles really good. It also is a little durable I find infernuses just explode quick.
  4. I don't see why white wheels are "yuck" I think there cool and wheels dont get dirty in GTA.
  5. Well bye I never met you but everyone seemed to like you, so hope you like CSS.
  6. I really like the white one the logo looks good on it, the red one looks a bit to plain.
  7. I've ended up walking around Liberty City but I jumped over the wal at St. Marks Bistro. Is that what you did?
  8. No not really, I like the grungy looking text but it is kidna dark I agree.
  9. I'm starting to understand it now, I was lookign at some of the Rp's and they are making more sense.
  10. I rally like the idea of taking 20-25 members that would grab cars and follow then it would be a fullscale gang war and I want better AI where they actually take cover.
  11. They have about the same harddrive space..I think its more because the ps3 has a better program for buying things right form the consol.
  12. I don't know why people hate the gang gta I think it was the best theme yet.
  13. Np man, but it does seem like more work then its worth I wouldn't go to much of a hastle just to meet someone.
  14. I don't really find that boring driving is fun, but missions where you have 2 folow things are boring like snail trail....
  15. Just finished doing stunts, my friend has a 5 star wanted lvl right now.
  16. Ok just an idea, i've been looking at it a bit more now and i'm starting to make sense of it thanks anyway.
  17. Nice, I might look at that to.
  18. these three I made the ethan one is for my friend who may be joining this forum.
  19. Np one quetion what do I use the bat for or is there a better place for this question?
  20. Thanks I really like the idea about wet clothes, also I think if you get shot you should start to bleed, and your clothes would be town, and body armour should be seen and it would be beat up looking. Also if you have no shirt you should see body armour. I also raelly want cars to hold 5 people and vheicles like burritos to hold 8, not everyone could should but you could drive 8 people.
  21. That works i'll try that out later, also I made some new sigs, no border yet though
  22. ok thanks do you know where I can get a boarder for my pictures though?
  23. That would be good, I think the worst would be being tsalked by some freak and hes almost playing with you doing stuff to scare you and you know he is going to get you but you don't know when that would be the worst.
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