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  1. I'm pretty sure in the construction set there is a way to make long hair for males, might want to check that out.
  2. So there is no idea when they will be fixed? If there isn't I'll just wait.
  3. OK attacked is my speed im pretty fast.
  4. I know that, but I think the topic is talking about the flying alien things but the way you said it yes they would be real then.
  5. I'm playing Linerider...pretty good waste of time.
  6. Other then GTA, probably bf2142 (I have not seen an ingame ad yet it was a public overraction to ea saying there will be billboards...) Halo 2 is pretty sweet also.
  7. Thats not what what I meant, I was thinking that what people might say in cutscenes would be different if they went up to a woman character and said whats up my homie it wouldn't make much sense thats all.
  8. Los Santos was the best for me missions were fun and city was cool, San Fierro missions I hated but the city is fun for jumps and Las Venturas was flat and dull.
  9. Ya I'd use an ingame car, I don't get how you frontflip but i've done some of the others, you did it a lot better though GJ. Don't put as many dull stunts in there though, like driving up the bridge everybody has done that and you repeted the same stunt a lot but you still did everything 10x better then I could.
  10. I think there should be subofrums, like player profiles, rp's, rules, and random chat because I can't find a single rp to read in there....
  11. They are compeltely fake, no realism about them. How can you belive UFO's are coming everytime i've heard of it its only one person nobody else was in the area.
  12. The Ak-47 is my favourite I feel so gangster using it in a gang war lol, but the tech 9 is second choice.
  13. Last one I had a lot of help on. Any hints on how I can make them better i'm using Gimp 2 by the way.
  14. -Scarface -Lord of the Rings TRilogy -Scary Movie 4 and 3 -Click (I nearly cried to) -Be Cool Just to name a few, I don't know why but The Godfather makes me sleepy. -Scarface -Lord of the Rings TRilogy -Scary Movie 4 and 3 -Click (I nearly cried to) -Be Cool Just to name a few, I don't know why but The Godfather makes me sleepy.
  15. 1. Another Brick in the wall-Pink Floyd, or Enter Sandman-Metallica
  16. Definantly Heavy Metal, followed by 70's and 80's rock.
  17. I like the idea, it opens the game to a much wider audience I know 8+ people with playstation 2's but I know only 2 people with a psp. As long as they make graphics better and work out the glitches i'm very happy with the port.
  18. gta-connor


    This game spore has been in developement by Maxis, Will Wright is leading the project. You get to make a crature that starts as a little single cell thing, and your creature evolves as you play, it turns into a land animal and then into a trible creature. It then evolves into the civilization age where you build them buildings and vheicles and such. The space age looks neat and you go and conqer other planets. The game plays almost as a third person adventure/roleplaying and then in the tribal phase on playes like an RTS. The graphics look amazing and it just looks like a lot of fun. The creatures are fully cutomizable giving you a spine and you make it form there with no limitations. To learn more go to http://www.spore.com It has videos updates and more, the game is scheduled for realease on October 2nd this year. Anyone else know about the game?
  19. I don't really care how I die as long as I don't die afraid, I'd rather be dying to help someone else, but otherwise throw it at me i'm ready.
  20. I picked Patriot it handles well, and it can take more damage the most cars, the Turismo would have been second but it gets kinda hard to see whats infront of you with the big spoiler.
  21. I don't know about you all but I want seasons in the game, I want winter and it snows, each season will last like 15 game days or something and you could snowmachine in the winter, instead of having designated areas like its grassy here, etc. I like the idea of needing higher skills but I think you should be able to take missions whenever you want personally I like doing missions when I feel like it.
  22. You're right on that one Simsons road rage, Harry Potter Quiditch or whatever, and TRue Crime streets of LA were pretty crappy to name a few.
  23. I think there should be a woman protagonist but a choice between man or woman, sorry I was tired boy and girl were the wrong terms. I also think it would be cool if the cutscenes were different and the story would be lsightly different depending on who you choose.
  24. I actually like the idea of a female character but I think there should be a choice at the start boy or girl and the cutscenes would suit your character accordingly.
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