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  1. Wow at first I thought that was GTA IV but then I looked at the topic name. Its really good though.
  2. For hotrings the difference is the decals but there is only 1 bloodring. But there is no speed difference.
  3. He is following topic hes talking about if there is a female. I don't care either but a chocie would be really nice.
  4. I don't think anythign will happen to earth in a very long long time, because our sun is young in a stars lifetime. Also scientist havn't heard of any blackholes anywhere near as as far as I heard,
  5. Sounds like fun, this is off topic but is there any rumor, news or just mere thought that VCS might go on xbox?
  6. I hated the handling in GTA 3 and the only car I could drive good was patriot, I guess it turned good or something...So ya partiot.
  7. I hate changing clothes most boring thing I've ever done in a game No boring missions where you drive around picking peopel up for an hour (wear flower in your hair) No girlfriends No spans of water that takes hours to swim across if you accidentally fall into ie:rivers in the country with huge cliffs on sides. And definantly no stupid boring odd jobs that ruin the game (vigilanty, paramedic, firefighter) make em better or take em out Better ai, im sick of people cutting you right off from 3 feet i nfront they should accelerate if theey are going in front not just crash into you.
  8. I'm starting up splinter cell chaos theory.
  9. Nicely done, thats insane, are you right next to a sever host, I know my friends like that but hes right beside my towns interenet provider?
  10. Lol i've been practicing, any other hints put them here, but I havn't made any real good ones in a while.
  11. gta-connor


    I really like it, but if I play for more then 30minutes a day I get sick of it. I got members for a month it makes the game a lot more fun.
  12. I don't know the name but the one where you race, the guy in a saber turbo was extremely hard. (havn't played VC in a long time)
  13. Hes right oyu must mod to do it, there is no real no mods/cheats way to airlift vheicles.
  14. Definantly the Bikers, its kidna funny there being a biker gang I dunno why, I like the cuban hermes though.
  15. I think present day, or late 90's but most Gta games are 80's or 90's (maby all but I don't want to make a mistake).
  16. gta-connor


    I find it fun, It doesn't really suck for a free game.
  17. gta-connor


    I know I really want it, it was actually supposed to be released a week ago but its delayed to October so they can add more features.
  18. lol I think a thin outline looks good, but thats only my opinion, big borders take away from the image, small ones sem to nicely frame it.
  19. Flying into space would make no sense at all. You can't fly a normal plane into space they need air to fly, no air in space. The rest of the ideas are cool. I want invasions on your territories to be like house party and your gang members are scrambling to defend without you and enemy gang members come everywhere instead of cluster in the middle of street.
  20. Gang Name: Downtown Families Car:Admiral, Burrito Clothes: Blue Jeans, Black Hoddies and T-shirts Weapons: Ak-47, Tech-9, Baseball Bats Buisiness:Robbery, Turf Walking, Mugging. Turf:Downtown
  21. Ok thanks for helping with that. Back onto the topic of VCS on ps2, does anyone know if extra features will be added like new missions???
  22. gta-connor


    This game is addictive, its an online only rpg that is free, you work on your skills and make money you fight and stuff and you can also just hang out with your friends and talk anyone who doesnt know about go to www.runescape.com Also if you do play add connor1o and post your username. Also just talk about runescape here. Whats your favourite skill on runescape???
  23. I downloaded it for my computer a while ago I found it quite entertaining but San Andreas is much better so I don't play it anymore.
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