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  1. Those are not screens from GTA4. There are no screens for GTA4, yet. The first screen appears to be a car mod from Vice City and the last two are screens from San Andreas. If you're going to post stuff about GTA4, post in the wishlist or make some fan art. Don't take pictures from other games and tell everybody they're from GTA4. Nobody knows anything about GTA4 yet. NOBODY.
  2. I don't think you should be concerned with how the games look. If you have a PS2, you'll want a PS3, believe me... (If you're going to buy a PSP, screw it and save your money for the PS3.)
  3. Funny it is indeed. "Friggin' Hilarious" It was kind of stupid, too. I guess it's better to "burn" youself, than somebody else "burning" you.
  4. I think the forums are doing fine. Nothing to change. We get enough members to join. Besides, if we have enough for a conversation like this, I think we're good "member-wise", eh?
  5. I'm around San Fierro all of the time. It's like my home city. I save there, go on rampages there, multiplayer there, etc. The only time I leave is if I was to fly a plane, or I want to go to a casino in Las Venturas... and maybe even gain some territory in Los Santos.
  6. Cough7007

    god of war

    Okay, well, I've played a demo of the game and, even though it's not my kind of genre, I can tell you that the game is intense. I guess you can define the main character as, "A Greek Mythology Man on Crack". If you want to really kick some ass, this game is for you. Your character uses this "chain-like" weapon to beat the living flesh out of anything. If you like this genre (Adventure/Intense Action), get it... you might just regret it.
  7. It's just so dumb. Out of all of the things you can do in GTA, she schoses to investigate the "hooker" part. Most people don't even have sex in GTA anymore. What's the big deal? Hilary is just some kind of woman's rights leader or something... excuse my language, but, what a bitch...
  8. The endurance races sure are slow and boring... unless it's actually competitive. Thanks god there's the B-Spec mode in this game. I can race and go to school at the same time! About the online thing... Polyphony plans on releasing an expansion disk for online play, or possibly an online download of some sort using an expansion disk. But, you can also play online right now, too. PSM (the magazine) demonstated how you can play GT4 online using the LAN feature. I forgot the name of the program, but there's some sort of online program that you can download. It has a bunch of buddy lists, chatrooms, clans, etc. So, simply take a router, hook you PS2 into it... and the program that you've downloaded over the net will make the game think that the internet is just one big LAN connection. If you want a detailed description of how to do this, PM, email, or IM me (If I'm even on).
  9. Yeah, it's probably a dud that Rockstar's developers either forgot about, forgot to remove it, or forgot to actually put in an effect for it, lol. There's no effect.
  10. Yesterday (March 29), former U.S. First Lady and now Senator Hilary Clinton had something to say about the Grand Theft Auto series and games alike it. She remarked, "Children are playing a game that encourages them to have sex with prostitutes and then murder them." She also added, "This is a silent epidemic of media desensitisation that teaches kids it's okay to diss people because they are a woman, they're a different colour, or they're from a different place." Hilary Clinton would also like a $90 million-dollar investigation to be developed to look into the GTA series and the other violent games like it. This will impact the "cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development" of children, according to a Sunday Times article. Read More: IGN.com
  11. I always liked baseball. Fav sport of all time even if I get hit (lol). As a matter of fact, I have practice today after school, too.
  12. I prefer MADTV. It's just so damn funny and stupid, that it just has to make you laugh.
  13. Okay, first of all, you may be asking, "what the hell is the gtaplace mob?" Well, it's part of a Text-Based Gangster RPG on the web. It allows you to act as hitmen, steal other members' cars, and even kill somebody, ejecting them from the game. Well, I decided to start a mob for the GTA Place on the RPG. You know, a family mob. So, if you wanna join, just click here, and pm/email me or Chris. JOIN!
  14. Dude, after a while, the glitches go away. Thy're not there forever. It's not that big of a dal. Besides, who actually plays basketball and dates their girlfriend everyday? Not me. I'm too busy mowing people with the AK47.
  15. Wow, sweet pic. I have tons of pictures, but my PS2 is on its way to the repair station in San Diego so I won't be able to play the game for another two weeks.
  16. Nothing beats a stuffed-crust pizza and some pepsi
  17. I had like one quote in my signature throughout my forum career. I think it was: "My Philosophy in life: Never have a life philosophy" I don't use it anymore. It's kinda dumb.
  18. Oh, that one. I just... did it, and won. Just keep trying find out how to win (you know, finding a good, short route) by doing it, and doing, and doing it. BTW, don't take the word "doing" the wrong way.
  19. What mission is this, again? If you inform me, maybe I can help.
  20. Dude, Mtr. Chillidad was awesome. You can takes cars off the edges and tumbl;e down the side of the mountain. San Andreas is awesome, but the worst thing about it would have to be all of its glitches.
  21. As of yet, I don't think there is a limit on the garage, and even if there is, it will be more then 200 cars per garage.
  22. Yeah, I can see that, and of course they come back. It's a good way to make cash, though, I see nobody wants them. It was worth a shot at least.
  23. Yeah, that would be cool. I always have to trap somebody against a wall with my car and torchure him, lol. An actual hostage would be so much easier.
  24. Yup, that's right, I can send up to fifty (I doubt there will be that much) Gmail invitations for $5.00. If you want one, post below with your email address. I need the payment first, so notify me that you've payed me as well.
  25. Yeah, I think it is a cool idea. Really, I do.
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