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  1. Well i dunno wat u lot r talking about but i think i'm gonna go off of here for a while so cya.
  2. Just eat it (very funny video).
  3. Say if you want me 2 b on this board less often, if so, say so (needs 2 b at least 3 people).
  4. Yeh that looks better, also i can add emoticons to ur site if u want, but i guess u don't trust me .
  5. mr man


    I'm confused, why do u type 'pwned', isn't it 'owned'?
  6. Who the f*** are you, nah i'm jus kiddin good luck with your site super_mario.
  7. Heh, and i played pingu bounce, but no joke, i somehow got 899.48 on one throw, pingu went so high. Edit: i did it again except i got 982 on one throw.
  8. Heh, that's funny, here's the direct link to bloody orca slap
  9. No mike toreno's a friend of mine, ah well i'm not gonna be on here as often anyway. But i never even used a weapon.
  10. Sorry this is off topic but someone stole all my money and stuff.
  11. Yeaargh mateys, i've bin off here for a while (playin runescape). My wish is to have same powers as superman.
  12. 7, and then there's the 8th one being the zebra cab right?
  13. Frank........(second name?)
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