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    Xbox 360 Theme and Gamer Pictures out now!

    The pic's are okay,and them is nice.
  2. HCK George

    GTA IV Special Edition Images

    I really like it,it feel's like a Mafia theme,like when you'r taking money in the gym bag well like it most movie's.
  3. HCK George

    Microsoft to Offer Xbox 360 Theme & Gamer Pics

    They will most likely cost point's,but maybe they wont there are alot of free gamer pic's,but the theme's always cost some point's.
  4. Im glad they said "hardly any" old characters will be back that means there a possibility that some will be back.
  5. HCK George

    GameInformer May Issue Photos

    Nice thanks,im still going to buy the Mag.
  6. HCK George

    What Platform?

    Can you quote the official statement that said that? oops,I mean months after the release,but still you get gamer pics and themes witch is sweeth.
  7. HCK George

    What Platform?

    Both consoles have there ups and downs,its really dumb seeing people fight over witch console is better.For all we know Bill Gates and that guy that makes the PS3's are in the Cancun talking about how much money there making off of us.Im going with the 360,like I said we get gamer pics themes new DLC and unlockable gamer pics.On lauch day were getting new DLC that features hours of new gameplay.
  8. HCK George


    Thats what im saying keep the same cars,but changed diffrent body style ect.And not to mention that you could now costomize your cars like in San Andreas.
  9. HCK George

    GTA: IV trailer glithers ..

    Im not really worried,if im correct isnt this like the Alpha Beta?not yet full finished game.
  10. HCK George

    What Platform?

    The 360 of course,On lauch xbox market place will have new DLC for Grand Theft Auto 4.Not to mention the sweeth Gamer Pics,Themes,Unlockable Gamer Pics,and more DLC in the future wich could include anything.And the achivements,playing my favriote game and unlocking new content sweth!And I know there will be unlockable Gamer pics,since Rockstart presents Table Tennis did.And it will have Force feedback(rumble).I m thingking it will also have co-op and hopefully some type of Multiplayer.
  11. HCK George

    GTA: IV trailer glithers ..

    Its just a trailer,this game is not even close to the final stage.
  12. HCK George


    We will most likely see the same cars,but a bit changed.
  13. HCK George

    Car Damage

    I want the car damage to be a little more advance,but not to the point were its ultra realistic.
  14. HCK George

    Free IV Magazine Out

    Nice stuff you got going on.
  15. HCK George

    Donald Love in GTA4

    I want some old character to come,too see how they look inb the 2000's
  16. HCK George

    Main Gang

    Hopefully we see a Russian gang we have seen to many Italian Mafias.
  17. HCK George

    NYC Politicians Outraged at GTA 4

    Hopefully R* doesnt run into trouble so we could get our hands on GTA-4 with no proble.
  18. HCK George

    Introduce Yourself..

    Welcome New Members!Im also new here,well ive been here for a couple of days great site and great comminite.
  19. HCK George

    Radio Stations

    I want there to be one like in the Vice City it was a talk show.I forgot what it was called since I have not played it in a while,but,some shot a person while they where talking.It was that guy Averie Carrigton.
  20. HCK George

    New Protagonist

    I dont care how he looks,for some reason he reminds me of teh James Bond movies.
  21. They just put a pic of the Kid to make it more realistic for the trailer.
  22. HCK George

    GamesRadar on GTAIV Realism

  23. HCK George

    GameInformer Grab GTAIV World Exclusive Preview

    They said it will be there around mid april in stores for subscribers they will get it in the first week of april.
  24. HCK George

    GTA IV Trailer Released!

    Well the trailer was a day ago and im still watching it,im just so exited when it launches.Ill be on this forums everyday when it comes out.Cant wait for the Easter Eggs.