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Why was bike banned?Water Toxic?


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Read the manual that comes with LCS, it tells you that by the year 2000 bikes will be banned.
Christ. Claude isn't mute.

In San Andreas when C.J gets that garage, he talks about claude and calls him that Mute Mother****er


I Think he was mute because the previous games had slightly muted Characters.

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The way I see it is this, Rockstar Games probably has some huge storyboard up with all the connections between the GTA III series of games. Claude was mute, we don't know if it's something he's always had a problem with. After all, in San Andreas, (which I might add for the horribly incapable of accepting the truth of the timeline...) he didn't say a word either... So it's safe to say that Catalina didn't cut his vocal cords out... Hehe. I'm willing to accept that motorbikes were banned from Liberty City and that the water is polluted. I'm also willing to accept that in Vice City, Tommy just couldn't swim. (Think about it, he's from Liberty City right? If the water was dangerously polluted even back in the 80's there's a chance that Tommy never had the chance to learn. However, in VCS, Victor has probably grown up near, or around the water, or has at least learned during his time in the Army, so he can swim... Yada yada yada... The stories are all tied in somehow. I accept that... I just can't wait to see if there are any connections in GTA IV

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