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drinks from a machine or anywhere els should be added to the inventory. and you hold down the shoot button to drink and when its empty you can throw it or litter it. same with smoking. buy a pack at a store or tobacco machine and it gets added to inventory. and if you take to big of a puff, you caugh and loose a little bit of health. and the SAME thing with food! press the shoot button and take a bite. peds can do all of this stuff. why cant you?

also you get to hit people with your weapons the same way you would do your secondary attack. ALSO you should be able to get rid of anything. i hated it when you got a weapon by accident you couldnt get rid of it. and of course, you should be able to throw everything. omfg that would be so awesome to throw a burger at a ped and they'd be all wtf!

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all those ideas are nice, i love that one of playin' calssic GTA's on internet cafes, also like, if you puch someone, like a old lady, other people, like go there and punch you to defend other, also, like buying CD's in soem stores, and use them in cars.

and people, yeah, as someone said before, people actually doing stuff, like reading news paper, and walking at same time, so meaby they walk into someone, and start fighting lol...rofl....LMFAO!!!!!

eerm...sorry...or people runing to catch the bus, or a taxi, people in bikes throwing newspapers in residential areas

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One thing i'd really like, when you cause an accident peds, stand and watch holding there hands overthere mouths etc, you see medical helicopters flying in taking badly injured people away, peds come up and see you, police cone off the area, and if its your fault police try and catch you if they do you get fined etc.

I think that a better ped scared/surprised system would be cool because in all other gtas you can have a 20 car pileup in front of somone and all they do is jump back then keep walking as calm as they did before.

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And since when were you great?

because you are a elite member doesnt mean that you can spam.

back on topic: yeah, more realistic ped "system", and would be nice that cops handcuffed you, or other peds instead of shooting them to death, they never do that in real life, i've never seen a cop shoot/beating a suspect to death.

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yea, and people kinda shocked looking at you, also if you go against red light, they give you a...uh...well, i dont remember the name, but those papers that says "ya gotta pay some money, cuz ya went too fast an stuff", and you choose between pay, punch the cop, or turn on the car, and go away

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