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Digital VCS map


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I also compiled this map last night too, so I have an unwatermarked one :)

VCS Map GTAF.png must be for GTAF though :P

Slightly off topic but do you also have the 64 map images for LCS?

I made three different versions of the map. One for GTA sites, one for RockstarWatch, and a un-watermarked one for my friend that is making the VCS map show up at the pause menu of VC.

I should be able to get them. It might take awhile to find the radar images since the new IMG files just have the names of "Texture0001" for example. Then you have to open and export each radar texture.

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Hey man, that's a really nice map of Vice City '84, great job man. Could you explain a little bit more how you did? Cuz I'm not really that knowledgeable when it comes to this stuff.

He extracted every individual radar file from the IMG (There is like...63 files)

He then opened Photoshop, and one by one, pieced them together on a blank canvas

It's very time consuming, especially when you try SA :P (123 files)

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The most time consuming part is the actual extraction of the images, since the only program that does it doesn't support batch extraction, nor is it very simple to use as of yet. very unstable.

At least Photoshop has a good recognition and can tell where images should meet.

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