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For some reason I thought you were in the UK, but looked at you profile & saw NC (I presume North Carolina), sorry about that. Got knocked in the head a few years back, some times it comes back on me.

Now that I've had my Grampa Juice:

You asked about emissions controls in another thread. They've been a pain since '73, some cars as early as '68.

When the phased out carbs & breaker points, they got rid of a lot of junk. By the mid '80s some one figured out how to grind

a cam that made decent power & burned cleaner. I'm guessing you have things like EGR, Smog pump & Catalytic Converter

on the little Bronco. Before '83 we just got rid of that & the cars ran better, so when Early computer controls came into play

they added sensors to most of it. You can still get rid of the catalytics until '94-'96 (Depending on model) when OBD II

went into wide use in the US. Then they added sensors to the cats.

Swapping your Bronco to a 5-speed would be a little work, but not impossible. Get a donor vehicle w/ all the 5-speed parts

& the computer (should be in the dash, behind the glove box).

This has been today's history lesson, Let's MOTOR!

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Bumping in:

The only American cars I actually like are from corvette. Not really fond of all the others, though some cadillacs are nice.

Edit: ow, and the Ford GT. How could I forget that. The thing is, driving it is more expensive then buying it. That think drinks oil as if it's water/Coca Cola.

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Definately a history lesson indeed. Well, I actually would... it's just dad's daily driver and I've never done anything 'major' like that. Otherwise it'd be nice, especially considering the tranny has 28X,000 miles on it O.O

And er, Jace.. from Corvette... you mean from Chevy.. the Corvettes? Lol. I'd be willing to bet you havn't seen a fourth of 'American' cars buddy. Heh. Reminds me, my Uncle by marriage or something has a 63? Galaxie... no rust.. but the inside is torn up a bit, and it's just sitting.. rotting away. But I have a Mustang (Older.. fox bodys I think they're called?) resourceman right there. Him, his son.... and his son's son, which are both my cousins.. and one is alittle younger than me. My uncle's truck (Don't remember the year.. has a 302 in it.. 94 maybe) is a beast, too... we'll be going down the highway.. and he'll put it into overdrive and stomp it. We'll be spiniing at 60MPH, haha. Was pretty fun, might be why the transmission quit out on him coming back from SC. BTW, what stateside are you from?

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Yeah well.. Corvettes are fairly expensive too.

And I've seen American cars, but I find them to bulky. Don't really like muscle cars. Though Mustangs look pretty cool, I really can't see why the camaros are nice.

But I guess that's typical for Europeans, liking all those Aston Martin and Mercedes type of cars.

DB9 is my favorite car BTW.

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Jace - Thanks about the Mustang. Yeah I almost miss when dinosaurs roamed the highways, big cars tipping the scales at

over 5000 lbs. (2.5 metric tons). I think our little buddies, the OPECers miss 'em to. I could do a DB9 or a Jag Silverstone.

Righty - I got a buddy that has one, would only sell for insane $$$. I also remember the Shogun, a Festiva (Ford had them built by Kia, subcompact w/ 1 L I-4) that some one gutted & instaled the Tauras SHO drive train in place of the backseat.

Ford wanted no part of these things & refused to sell to the outfit making them. They got the parts by buying left over SHOs

when dealers cleared out their inventories at the end of the year & cannibalized the cars.

Not to be confused w/ Mitsubishi Shogun.

If you're interested, look here -


Happy motoring!

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Hcd (Hyundai California Design) has put out some awesome looking cars, I think their design studio is in San Diego but don't Quote me. Those guys have come a long way in 20 years.

Check out the Hellion -


One of my favorite cars in Gran Turismo 4 is the HCD 6, it reminds me of a Korean Batmobile. Test drive one today!

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