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STi's are overrated. They're quick, yeah. Just.. overrated. Plus evo 10 stuff wouldn't fit, I don't see why you would want it. Heh. The impreza aftermarket is huge though. I love how stuff is for cars, we have so much to choose from.

Ricers = suck. Who agrees?

And they have names that not only mean subaru technica international, but sexually transmitted infection too... <_<

And i'm loving the EVO X so far, i think the official pics were released not too long ago, i'll do some hunting... But i'm not liking the big wad of plastic strapped on the front. <_<



EDIT: @ jace, isn't the new civic the one witht he 'lights' going right round to meet in the middle of the hood?

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Mike - You're just jealous of reliability! :P

All the cars are starting to look terrible, imo. Some still look good.. some look bad. Evo's are nice looking though, besides yeah, the plastic slab up front. Mitsu beefed up the Lancer a little bit.

And Jace, you might wanna mention that's the JDM/EDM(?) civic and not the USDM. They look quite a bit different around here.

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Not only the styling of vehicles is going to poop, but they way they are built. Everything has independent suspension. What ever happened to leaf springs and solid axles and a frame?

Now the newer trucks have nothing on the older trucks ...




And damn, I'd love to have one of these.


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Here's some 0-60s I took a week ago. Like usual, the car is heavily weighed down ... maybe next weekend on my way back to college I can get a video of the Taurus with just me in it. I also had on the winter tires and those made it slower.

I aimed the camera at the wrong gauge and right after I stopped the video I hit a snow drift going 70


In this video I actually backed off somewhere above 90mph but I started swearing at around 87 because I saw a police officer.


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