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Just Honda here to I'm afraid.

Like Dazza said our main ones are Fords (the best) and Holden (pure crap).

My neigbor has an Acura NSX and my cousin has an Acura Civic (dunno if it changes from when it's a honda) and i like in the UK.......

In the Uk everyone goes for big German cars, i have an m5 sport (BMW) and on my way to university i saw like 300 german cars.....

It's like WWII all over again exept with cars! :$

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I'm in the middle of the US, so we get the Big 3 (Chrysler, Ford & GM) + a wide range of imports. Have owned most &

I'm a Ford guy, Have a yard full of 'em. (I know, you hate me...). '00 Mustang is daily driver.

The most unusual one is a '77 Pinto Cruiser Wagon (They fixed the gas tank problem in '76, this one's safe). it's a

Sedan Delivery w/ bubble windows like the ones you'd see on older custom vans w/ a factory V6 (yeah, some Pintos had 'em)

Hybrids? In 20 years they will probably be the standard platform. For now they're still figuring them out.

For what it's worth, Railraod Diesels (at least in the US)are actually huge Hybrid platforms so the idea is proven.

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Haha, we have people around here that basically praise Mustangs. I don't like them, personally. Well, the 94s +, atleast. The body style around the 93 and below.. that one, I like. This kid at my school thought his was badass (Had to be 96+, had the 4.6L EW!) and he was just sitting in the parking lot, revving for no reason. So my friend Randy (01? 3 series) come up in the other lane... and they 'drag race'... needless to say, mustang boy got RAPED :P. Funny stuff though.

Oh yeah, UO, if you havn't read the rest of the topic, I <3 Honda, haha. Not like the fans that think Civuc > all!111.... but yeah, I'm really fond of modded Hondas.

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Yea we get that, sometimes. But mow much more did the 3 series cost?

For a while the biggest bargain in the states was the cop issue Fox Body 'stangs (79-94), The State patrols of many states

used them. When they reached a certain mileage, they were auctioned off for around $1500 (US). Left you w/ extra $$$

for things like Nitros (Nos is hollywood crap & offends most of the old schoolers) & superchargers.

The one that really pisses me off is the Subaru WRX. :pissedred: At least he payed out the @ss to beat my '00 V6 'Stang. :gappy:

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Truth, but the dude was acting like he was best in the parkin' lot. It was just gettin' shown up, haha.

And yeah, I hate when people say "NOS" like.... "IMA PUT NOS IN MA NEON YOOOO!!!!11" I'm not a big fan of it myself, I mean.. I've never had or used it, just in my mind I'd rather have the money to put into the money and have that "always" power.

WRXs are overrated, imo. Everyone's always like "ooo dey pwn!!1 300bhp factory ratings!@1" I mean, they arn't slow... just not.. fast. Stock anyways. What's even funnier is when mommy buys one for them and they put a BOV on it stock xD Funny. I wonder if they notice they lost ass end power and are running rich? Probably not.

This dude in the autoforums at another forum was tryin to get suggestions what to do to his neon...... funny stuff, he got flamed out of the place, haha. Why can't people just leave cars like that alone and DRIVE IT!

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I've heard that people on these forums like fords. : / not good. there was an accident infront of my house where a 2000 ford (forget the model name now) went off the road. the interior of the a-pillars looked normal, the exterior looked normal but the inside was rotted. and that was just a 2000. more proof why GMC (and chevy but there is a differance) and volkswagen kick more ass then ford ! :D

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more proof why GMC (and chevy but there is a differance)

GMC owns Chevrolet..?? There's little differences in the trucks and such, like Ford and Mercury.. Chevrolet and Pontiac.. but they're basically the same.. things. Slightly different designs, but drivetrain compontents and such are really the same. Volkswagen has had their fairshare of mistakes, btw :P Take the MIII (Or is it MIVs?).. the later 90s / early 2000s cars.... severe electrical problems. GTIs = <3

It's sad how many people put gayfartcans on their car. I saw a first gen. RX7 with one on it. I respect people's cars, and don't believe in messing with them... but I REALLY want to rip it off of there. Hate it.

There's some clean cars around here, dispite all the V8 mullet boys and wigger ricer kids. Some nice looking Preludes (4th gen.. 92 - 96) and two 240sx... that I've seen so far. I don't get out too much, so I don't see all that much. There's this STi with 20 inch rims on it though, wtf. I hate on these people because performance > all. You can get the best out of your car, and it still look good and not gaudy.

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My fords don't leave me walking & don't even start me on VW.

Sucks about the wreck, but if the car left the ground then rest is kinda expected. A few years back, some jackass tried to

sue (spelling?) Ford for the Crown Vic being unsafe. It seems a parked police CV was parked when a drunk rear-ended

it at 90 MPH (about 150 KPH) & ruptured the fuel tank & burned a cop to death. Look away for a second, Kids. NO SHIT BUCKWEAT!!!

I don't know of any production car that can take that.

All the makes have had these kind of headaches & when you get down to it, a car is potentially dangerous. GM had the

side saddle fuel tanks in their '73-'87(I think) trucks, Chrysler had latch problems in their minivans. And to be brutally

honest, most people don't really know how to drive.

Instead of crankin' the flamethrowers, let's just accept that different people prefer different cars & leave it at that.

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Shyeah. I've drove my uncle's 70s? Ford F 150 ( I think.. I dunno.. it's just a bigass truck.) and WHOA. It's got a ton of torque. That's kind of the thing I'm going to miss out on if I get a honda, unless I go FI or build up the engine.. which I'd have to if I got hardore into the FI stuff. But yeah, just a simple, bolton SC would do it for me. Power to weight ratios are a lot in cars. Wonder why Civics can go so quick with not-so much power? They weight like 2200 - 2400 pounds stripped :o Crazy. But meh, I like the curvies too. It's always fun taking though, I've scared my mom on my mountain, haha. My cars gonna be such a money whore):

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That stuffs waaaaaaaaaay before my time :P How old are you bro?.. Just wonderin'

Anyone know if those 91 - 93 Sentra's are RWD or FWD? I havn't really read much into it, but if it's RWD.... it needs some SR20 love. Too many 240sx's.... there's some hawt ones around. Saw a shiny grey-ish ones with black wheels.. chrome lip.. mm, I wanted to lick it.

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Yeah, I remember reading about those. The production models weren't quite right & they quit building them (at least for a

while). Had a big recall where they disabled the rear steering.GM played w/ it too. I think it was the Nissan Skyline (You've heard of those, right?) that finally had a reliable kit.

Off Topic - BTW, did you put much thought to your thread for a SA Story idea?

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Didn't know about that part, my Prelude only has 2WS... and has been sitting for 4 years I think now. I want to go look at that integra, damnit. What do you mean about the Skyline kit..?

And kinda sorta. I've been worrying about girls more than anything these past few days :P I think once I get to playing with the game a bit ideas will be a wildfire. I just hate having to take 3 minutes to adjust the water level each time, but eh, it shouldn't be too difficult.

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I thought the Skyline had 4WS on some models. In all fairness we hear about them all the time (in the US)but only see most in magazines & Video games. As for "kit" I picked that up somewhere, Use it short for "came equipped with", "related parts"

& such. An actual Kit to install 4WS an a car would be a liability nightmare over here.

If I'm off on the 4WS, thanks for the heads-up.

You might be interested, the Skyline GTR is supposed to be coming to the US, in '08, here's somehing about it.


Saleen & Shelby Mustangs, Dodge is bringing back the Challenger (5.7 HEMI?) & Chevy is resurrecting the Camaro (Vette motor?) Now the GTR.

This should get GOOD.

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No idea, I pretty much pay mind to stuff I'll be able to get in my lifetime :P Are you talking about AWD? I know some Skylines have AWD, never heard of 4WS (Four wheel steering) on them.

Meh, it's not sexy like the older ones): It looks so... gaudy.. the body lines are non-existant. That's the way I love my cars.. AND my woman. With curves bro ^_^

And I can't WAIT for the Camaro. I'm gonna test drive one of those things for sure, seeing it's coming out probably around the time I get my license.

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