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Shrek The Third


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Is anyone going to see the new and up coming Shrek The Third, there is a trailer on the site. It looks good, I have seen the other two and they were very funny, this one looks just as good. Wonder why it's not called Shrek 3? :P

I seen both of the Shreks on TV, I would never go and see it on the Cinema, First one was good and funny but second one wan't as good. I would rather go and see Spiderman 3, that looks way better.

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You mean summer right (but yeah most of the best movies come out in the summer)? Didn't know Harry Potter 5 was coming this summer; I gotta check that trailer out too. Anyways I hope this'll do pretty good in competition with the other 3rd movies. It's down to Spiderman and Pirates though IMO. Shrek the Third will probably be pretty good though. :)

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Whoa man, there's a lot of third equals coming out in May, Spiderman 3, Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and Shrek 3, not bad you know. Yeah man, the ending looks pretty damn cool, I've never watched Shrek before, well I watched the first one a little bit on TV but nothing more than that, but I might give this one a chance.

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