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Super Mario Bros: Frustration

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I saw that last week. its funny and makes me laugh but it would be alot better if it wasnt staged.

I like how he blames it on mario. "oh that was you mario, that wasnt me."

Yeah, i saw it last week to, wahta way to burn 20 mins of my life. 'I put the keypesses in, mario, and you do what i ask...' - love it.

'Okay, mario, here we go, you're gona go into that castle, you gonna rescue the princess, and the next thing you know... You gonna get laid tonoght ok?. Lets go...'

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Eh, I haven't played the original for about 12 years. I didn't think it would be the first level, it looked far too hard. What level was it then?

None of the original Mario levels, for that is definitely not the original game. I know because I recently played through the entire original game. Also, he goes straight from the START menu to that level, so what ever it is, it's the "first level".

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this is the very last level in the game. look at the end. she presents you with a new quest. thats it i think. but damn. that was funny and that level looks hella hard. i can NOT believe he went on for that long! i would have stopped and just said screw this like within the first 5 minutes!

EDIT: just go to the site manually. ian albert in video game maps and click on mario bros. and go to the last level. the link doesnt work.

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