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Don´t have any pictures or videos, but I got a story. Now, I think it may be nothing but I´m just so interested in all this paranormal stuff that I think my brain is playing tricks on me. Anyway... One time when I waked up in my bed I couldn´t move. I was just like stuck there for a few seconds, and then I just fell asleep again. I don´t know how many time passed, but later I woke up again. I got up and went to the bathroom, and then when I was there, brushing my teeth my pet mouse that was in my room just started to squeal very loudly. He normally isn´t like that. Hes just sleeping all day, running on his wheel and stuff. Anyway, I finished brushing my teeth and hurried to my room to find him...... sleeping? I don´t know what happened, but he couldn´t go from squealing like crazy to sleeping in less than a minute. And it was not like he was just laying there trying to sleep, he was actually sleeping. I even tried calling him, but he was just laying there. I don´t know, maybe I´m just a moron.

And theres something that I want to say too. I don´t know if it´s just me, but sometimes I get this weird feeling like I´ve seen something before. Something like deja-vu. For instance, one time when I was at my friends house, just chilling and playing video games together, my friend lost a fight against me in Tekken 5. After that he got "mad" and approached me to "kick my ass", he was just messing around. But the thing is, after I beated him in Tekken I kinda "knew" what was he gonna do. Like it happened before. And there are a few other situations in which I felt like they have happened before.

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I've heard animals are more open to things like Paranormal things ... I guess it's because they're "Clean" (No TV, no computer, no politicians, no problems, etc.) that ussualy screw your mind.

About the Deja-Vu, Those seem to be pretty common.

Most of the people I know have got one in their life ... I used to get them about 5 times A'week.

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I have deja-vu's all the time too. I once had one and I thought: Didn't I see/did that 2 weeks ago?.

I don't know what to think about ghosts. But some really freaky shit happens to people sometimes. (I'm not bullshitting now) Like my dad. We used to live in a house and at one part of the house he just didn't feel good and stuff and he just didn't want to be in that part of the house. And it seems someone died in that part of the house. In the house we moved in to now he just feels really good and this house used to be a place where priests and those guys lived.

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