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Rush Hour 3

Rush Hour 3  

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Well I saw a teaser trailer for Rush Hour 3 a couple months ago but today when I went to watch Spider-Man 3 I saw the full trailer which got me laughing my head off. It was truly hilarious. If you are a fan of the last two movies (like me) I guarantee you will want to watch this one. This is the plot synopsis that I found on Wikipedia:

While in Paris, Lee's (Jackie Chan) latest assignment is to escort and to protect Chinese Ambassador Han as he delivers a major address before the World Criminal Court Summit in Los Angeles. While delivering his announcement, he is shot and nearly killed. Meanwhile, former LAPD Detective James Carter (Chris Tucker), who has recently been demoted to a traffic cop just happens to be listening to the radio when the tragedy occurs. He rushes to the scene to help, but instead interferes with Lee's pursuit of the culprit. To get his status back, Carter teams up with Lee one more time to help track down the assassins. With the trail leading to Paris, both will find themselves in unfamiliar territory. The two will be forced to fight the French police J Moser, the Triads, and foreign culture if they are going to solve the mystery in time.

Sounds like the typical Rush Hour plot filled with a bunch of laughs. Here is the trailer found one YouTube enjoy! :)

Or a better quality one from Apple that bossman found. Thanks.

Here are some hilarious quotes from it:

Carter: We need to get her relaxed.

Lee: Maybe we should order a "dirty movie".

Carter: Lee!

Lee: Only 9.95

Carter: Listen to me!

Asian Guy: *something in French*

Carter: *turns to Lee* What the hell is that?

Lee: I think he's speaking French

Carter: *slaps guy* You're Asian! Stop humiliating yourself!

OMFG I almost died of laughter when I saw this. :rofl2: Can't wait for the movie August 10th! Discuss your thoughts and opinions and also vote on the poll!

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Oh whoops I think my eyes kinda tricked me when I was in the theater because I was so excited. When I was looking up info on Wikipedia it also said August 10th but I ignored it and thought it was a typo but thanks I'll change it now.

Yeah, I saw the trailer on the big screen when I went to see Spider-Man 3. Can't wait to see it, I loved the first 2.

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"who are you?"

"im yu"

"no not me, you."

"yes, i am yu"

"no, are you deaf?"

"no, you blind?"



"no not you, him. whats your name"


"yes you."

"I am mi"


"im mi"

"and im yu"

"man im about to whoop your ass"

"i dont know him..."


You sorta messed that up. That line is supposed to be "No, Yu blind."

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