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Mario Party above TLP?

Meh, that's one decision I would NEVER make.. It's fun if you've got a few other people to play with though, and of course another Wii-mote. But I don't think Mario Party will ever be able to match the Zelda serie.

And you can get Wii's here now. But they're all imported from Spain.. But only the big shops have them. Normal shops have them all reserved for about 2 months straight.

I'm going to the UK where my brother lives and he wants to play kit with me and the only other games I have are Wii Sports and Wii Play. TLP doesn't have multiplayer so I got Mario Party 8 instead, it's pretty good.

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I've got 4 and 6. They're fun, but for both I had a faint feeling of dissapointment..

Said this in the DS forum yesterday:

On a brighter note: I FINISHED TWILIGHT PRINCESS! I hate the ending but love it too.. Keeps me longing for more. Tried to stretch it out as long as I could. Wanted it to last the vacation and it did, exactly. I like the cursed Midna more.. sucks what happens at the end.

So after the credits you get 'the end' for like one minute, and then the title screen appears but it doesn't save. Is that some error or is that supposed to happen? WW would give you a save screen after the credits and the save game would become gold colored and it begin the story again from the start but then with link in a... pyjama.

Love(d) the game though. Worth the money every single bit. Can't wait for a new Zelda and Midna is so much better then Navy, that minish cap thing or the stupid boat (king of the red lions). I hope they'll make something similar to Minda in the next Zelda game and maybe they'll even make her appear in the game again.

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Forgot about the online play. That's right. Good thing they implemented that. Hope I can find a pre-order. That will save me 33% of the normal price.

I'll probably use the NGC controller, I'm best with that and IMO it has a excellent rumble and it's easy to use.

We'll see who kicks who's ass. (I can see myself regretting ever saying that in December :P)

Actually I've never been really good in SSB compared to FPS games. Never have succeeded in beating it at hard without using those credits (thus failing)..

BTW, is it confirmed to have that tournament mode like Melee had? Must be kick-ass online.

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Never have used Link much. I've mainly used Falco because of his speed.

Going through the Brawl site makes me wish it was December already and the sample music sounds awesome. To think of it, I really hope they leave those Ice-climbers out of the game. They really sucked, hard.

I think I'll make some graphic with my Wii-number for my sig.

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Same prob here, I want to spend my money on 1 game only but what to choose?

Corruption: I've never loved the Metroid series but I never hated it. I played Metroid Prime for a while and I thought it was medium. Then when I got Hunters I totally changed my look at Metroid. It was awesome. The controls, the online options. Great game. And now I read stuff about Corruption that it has some amazing controls too. So shall I buy this one or..

Galaxy: Played Mario 64 on N64 and DS both 100% complete. Loved other Mario Games like Super Mario Bros and Super Mario and all the others. Now I myself think this new space theme is weird and stuff and with the little bee but my brother says it's the opposite and it's all cool and refreshing and I really should get this game. Well I'm not sure, will it be a succes or a disappointment? You tell me; Shall I buy this one or..

Brawl: Loved SSB on N64, loved SSBM on the GC and I think I already love SSBB for the Wii. I mean the Wi-Fi options. That is simply awesome. Link has a return. Always was my fav char. But I think I'm looking more forward too the little Kirby like guy (forgot his name) with the sword. I really think he is gonna own.

So these are the three games. Which one shall I choose? Please help me :)

(This talking about SSB makes me wanna turn on my GC and play it again lol)

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I think Galaxy really looks kick-ass. But so does Corruption. I love Mario games so I'd go for Galaxy.

So then it's Galaxy v/s Brawl. Going to get them both, of course. But probably first Brawl. For the fun of online play.

Lucky, my wireless never works. I just got a classic controller and bought Super Mario 64 for it of the shop channel, it's great!

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Uhm, it doesn't work yet you can connect to the Wii-shop? What do you mean with never works if you can connect?

Sorry I should of explained my situation better, it works occasionally as in like once a week. It took me ages to get to buy it because the page would always encounter network errors but I got it in the end.

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