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Google Image Search Game

The Dealer

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It is very easy. I'll post a word, someone searches that word through Google Image Search, and posts one of the results here. They then give the next word for someone else to look up.

Example: First Word:Tommy Vercetti

now you enter this name under Google Image Search, post one of the pictures you get from that, and write a new word for the next person :)

Please keep it G Rated. Nothing that could offend. If someone is offended by an image, the Admins should take it down. Follow the simple rules, and it will work.

Any Questions? Then lets start:

New Word: Korn

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thats just disgusting and i'm not willing to have images like that posted on my forum, please choose a different word

NEW RULE: dont say a word where the images displayed will be porn or completely disgusting images

EDIT: kiku don't push your luck mate, read the rule carefully, NO PORN

this is the only non porn picture i found when typing in fat


NEW WORD: 0wned

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