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Grand Theft Auto: Manilla

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Seven years ago Gapusans Palau escaped from the struggles of life in Manilla, Philippines a city tearing itself apart with poverty, gang trouble and corruption. A place where a fatal shooting is a average day to day thing.

It's now 2007 and Gapusans has got to go home. His gang the Fili Diablos and his family have fallen

apart and his shanties neighbourhood is turning into a drug mule for dealers and gang chiefs. On his return to the neighbourhood, Gapusan sights three men from a rival gang called the Fili Kingz bash and kill his father. Gapusan comites him self to re building the hood and avenging the death of his father.



The Fili Diablos. They are the original street gang of Manilla, they were first thought to be the best, but due to rising drug use in the gang and the uprising of rival gangs, Fili Diablos are now considered as low life wanna bes'. Fili Diablo's OG's include Gapusans Palau, Aman Jeko and Pablo Lista. Fili Diablos have been on a downfall and do not claim much territory but remain to have two of the largest areas in Manilla, Downtown Manilla and the southern shanty towns in which includes Rojas Boulevard, Los PinaÅ› City and Mangrove Avenue which is one of the most violent gang areas in Manilla. Although the Fili Diablos have an average amount of territory the respect and gang cred in the areas are at an extreme low. Rojas Boulevard was the base area for the Fili Diablos but a series of gang related attacks on civilian homes caused the gang mentality in the area to drop, which now causes Rojas Boulevard to be a weak area for the Fili Diablos. The Fili Diablos wear blue cloured clothing and have many tattoos that show that they are the gang.The gang colour is blue.


Fili Kingz. The archrivals of Fili Diablos. The Fili Kingz are a growing street gang in which were brought together by a former Fili Diablo gang member. They plan to bring down the Fili Diablos. They are well known for the calling card of decapitating the victims to send messages to their rival gangs. They have been known to be involved in drug running and are great allies with the Triads. Fili Kingz claim most neighbourhoods in Manilla, such as Riverside and most of the eastern Riverside shantytowns. Riverside is known for its prostitution and is one of the largest gang territories for the Fili Kingz. The Fili Kingz wear red coloured clothing and have many tattoos to show that they are in the gang.the gang colour is red.

The Triads. An Asian based organized crime family who originated from the outskirts of Shanghai, China. They are great allies of the Fili Kingz in which they are both involved in drug running and extortion. The Triads were lead by Tian Di Hui but was assassinated by The Santone Mafia, gently caress Yee Hing now leads the Triads and he is known to be very manic at stages of war and stress. The Triads don't care much for territory but do claim a little area in which is around there Head Quarters, the area is known as Taguig and is infamous for its violent street fights. They are Archenemies of The Santone Mafia. The triads wear Asian gang clothes and wear bandannas and carry a katana at all times. The gang colour is yellow.


The Santone Mafia are a crime organization in which originated in America and has spread across the world. The mafia consist of many Italian-American members but is known to have a few pure Italian and Sicilian members. The mafia is lead by Don Nirva Santone, the son of the mafia founder Quentin Santone. The mafia relies heavy on protection money and extortion they are sworn rivals of the Triads, to whom caused the " War of the Titans as called by street people in which the Triads and The Santone Mafia. Both organizations suffered 7 bloody days of hellacious gang warfare. The mafia from the continuous gang fights; bombings and assassinations killed 57 triads. In 2005 Don Santone's brother was killed out front of his house. This causing Don Santone to put a hit out on Tian Di Hui. Tian Di Hui was successfully assassinated on October 17th 2005. The Santone mafia has been known to help the Fili Diablos at times of struggle they have an alliance in which is mildly strong. The Santone Mafia wear black suits and red ties. The Santone Mafia has a large amount of territory that includes Quezon City, Caloocan City and Marikina City. The gang colour is green.


The hells angels are a worldwide biker gang in which started in America in the late 1960's. They are a scummy gang and many members have been involved in rape, sexual assault and the killings of innocent women. They are not involved in any business but most members do have part time jobs. There is a high level of drug use in this gang and has been the reason to the slight downfall of the gang. This gang is a nomad gang and don't have many territories but do have territories around there home bases which are in: Novates, Pasig City, Confily and Malabon. Hells Angels members will be seen wearing jeans and sometimes a shirt normal something on it implying death or pain or can be seen with no tops and will have many tattoos almost to the point where the body skin is all covered in tattoos.The gang colour is purple.



ahaha people i know this is crappy but you know what i made this is in about..ummm 1 hour so yeh dont balme me

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Nope, I don't give a rant or two about GTA... - Grumpy Bear

Now that's what I'm talking about!! :lol: The story about making Manila as the location for the GTA mod started when I read a reply in a GTA IV location wishlist thread from a Filipino guy named o.g jplip repeatedly suggested this city as a location for the upcoming GTA Part Four game. Liberty City was chosen instead, and the Filipino guy's dream dwindled into a dream. I currently live in a suburb near Manila, so I know a lot about that city. Actually, the map Woozie made was too large to my tastes; since the map below is about 14 square miles, and San Andreas is 17 sq. miles... This project came to life when me, Urbanoutlaw and the other guys were talking about Paris Hilton. Outlaw then mentioned the mod idea, so it all ended up with this. I also thought of this city as a fitting place for the mod pack, since the city is actually plagued by gangs, corruption (some of the government officials there were like as worse as the Liberty City gangs), traffic jams, and poverty, as evidenced by the shanties. It's not really the worse place to live in the Philippines, but I think the political climate serves as a backdrop for this game. And it's good to know this project is the first game to feature a Philippine city...

Here are some landmarks that we may include in the mod to make it more authentic:


Map of Manila (not Metro Manila as depicted by Woozie)


Manila City Hall, the place where the mayor conducts his usual affairs


The NAIA airport, the Philippine equivalent of the Francis International Airport in Liberty City.


The Light Rail Transit, obviously a convenient mode of public transport for those who don't have cars...

Good Luck with the project and God Bless!! :coolthumbup:

P.S.: Will this be included in Grand Theft Wiki??

Edited by Huckleberry Pie
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I made an article about this project in my wiki, it's in here:


And I think the everyday fatal shooting thing was too much; corruption is a much more appropriate descriptor. We should have given the name Jose Delos Reyes for the protagonist, too... Also, we must be careful not to give the city a stereotypical depiction to prevent any controversies or stuff...

I think I may give better names for the Filipino gangs, too...

I hope this will make it in Grand Theft Wiki... :lol:

Edited by Huckleberry Pie
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Ok. Sweet at least im got someone working with me, im am currently woking on it know give me some better names for the gangs please and what else to write in the storyline. since most of it was just the same as san Andreas jsut changed a bit.

Like the revenge bit; I'm currently doing texture stuff, but I'm still busy doing some college stuff. Good thing the schedule wasn't really that hectic, since I have ample time for other stuff...

And I made a better logo for the game in Photoshop:


I hope you guys LOL'd at it... :lol:

Edited by Huckleberry Pie
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Oh, and the storyline, we'll add some corrupt government officials in the scene - fictional, that is, since using real ones would be crapshoot. Like bribe-hungry cops (they're really common there) and some other characters. CJ Johnson, Tommy Vercetti and Claude may also make good supporting characters, and let's put some comic relief in this game, shall we? :D

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Ohh you HAVE to out in a Strawberryland billboard that will be hilarious.

I will add it; Urbanoutlaw and me will replace the hidden Area 69 with Strawberryland. We might do something like the one below:


Hahaha! :lol: Nice pic ... Are those lolly-pops near the road ?

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