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What ever Happened to APB?


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Yeah I haven't heard anything more on it either. In fact the last I heard was that it was also coming to Xbox 360 (as well as the PC as it was originally announced for).

IGN's pages for the PC version as well as the Xbox 360 version have had no news stories posted to them since late 2005. Strange. It would be good if anyone finds anything more if they could post here.

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maybe its just rockstar being crazy secret like they usually are. i wouldnt be surprised if they had job-till-death secret agents working for them to not let the secret out.

Yeah but 2 years with no new info ? That`s too much even for R* ( we all know R* likes to see gamers slowly and painfully die for new info on their games ) ... I totally forgot about this game ... I watched the trailer 4 months ago but that`s it ... Probably some info at E3, wait they wont go there ...

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